In today’s modern world social media is everything. Although, a new trend encompassing the media is that when it comes to certain jobs the amount of Instagram followers you have is a deciding factor if you will get that job or not. This holds true when it comes to the modeling and photography industry. This all began when reality TV star, Kendall Jenner, started changing the entire modeling industry.

Kendall Jenner used to be a normal kid, until her family became well renowned reality TV stars. She grew up in the limelight. This being the case, when the social media platform Instagram took off it was only second nature that an almost celebrity such as Kendall Jenner would get one. After some time when her sisters rose to fame, Kendall decided she wanted to become a model. The celebrity now has over 48 million Instagram followers and is now the most-followed model on Instagram. This in fact helped her and her first big gig and become the main face of Estee lauder’s new makeup launch. Brands are capitalizing on the follow base that certain people have on social media, mainly models. Some modeling agencies now will not hire models who do not have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram. Kendall was one of the first models (being that she is also a celebrity) to not only be a model but to promote runways shows and brands on her own private Instagram. Nowadays, many agencies require for models to post pictures from the show or of their products on their own personal Instagrams. Not only does this promote the product but influencers are becoming the new brands. People love sharing everything they do on the internet and it’s about time companies started using it to their advantage.

Not only has Kendall Jenner started changing the game for models but Instagram has changed many jobs. Brooklyn Beckham at the time 16 was chosen to be the head photographer of the newest burberry ad campaign. Many professional photographers were outraged due to the fact that this is offspring of two celebrities and of course he was hand fed on a silver spoon such a huge job. The Burberry company tends to disagree that this was the reason that they hired young Beckam for the ad campaign. The true reason they claimed is that they liked his Instagram photos and he also had a massive following. The two combined sealed in his job offer. Now the question lurking is is this a fair practice? To use a person’s own social media as means to get a job? I mean companies search a person’s social media to make sure they are not posting inappropriate content so why would it be a problem to see if they have positive content to further the brand?