Recently it has become much more common to see a child with an Ipad, Iphone, etc. This trend started only a couple years ago as technology became developed and marketed in a vast amount of ways and to a plethora of different groups of people. It started off with simple learning apps where children were encouraged to read, color, and develope in many way, but as this became a societal norm, many parents are now far less aware of what children may encounter when left with the freedom of the internet.

The popular video sharing platform Youtube, has many trends that come and go with time. Toy review video were constantly on the trending tab of the website dragging in millions of views. As other youtubers notices the money machine these videos were, many hopped on the bandwagon. It became an era of toy reviews that lasted the better part of a year, until it was finally milked dry. Image result for toy review channels view count

The image above is a graph comparing the views between a toy review channel, Justin Bieber music videos, and PewDiePie, the largest youtuber.

Toy review channels were certainly frustrating as they swarmed the internet, but on the other hand they were appropriate for children to watch. As most fads do, these videos died out. Following up only a couple months behind was a new video trend, one that would start off as an appropriate way to cater to both young boy and girls. The “Spiderman and Elsa” era was a dialogue free video often containing music which depicted Spiderman, and Frozen’s Elsa getting into some sort of mischief they had to solve. Similar to the previous trend, these videos started racking up the view, often times easily in the millions, and along came the bandwagoners.

These Spiderman and Elsa videos have only grown more popular, and for parents, many think their children are watching fun superhero and princess videos bur they is certainly more to be questioned. These video, being made by adults on youtube, often have very inappropriate messages for kids. Many videos having sexual content such as, the Joker stealing Frozen Elsa’s underwear, Spiderman kissing Elsa, and even Elsa being tied up and having her cloth stolen. Unfortunately this is not a joke and these videos are being watched by millions upon millions of children who are having these sexual and deviant concept put into their mind while their parents are oblivious. All in all the only way to keep children away from this type of content is by spreading awareness and monitoring your children when they are given an ipad to watch their favorite videos.

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Above: Two thumbnails from Spiderman and Elsa videos.