On a Sunday night, at a certain underground event, for the first time in my 19 years of life, the beautiful melody of a guitar has made me cry. The most beautiful thing about this one individual’s performance is how he was able to catch me from the first note. As guitarhis intense finger picking played one of the sweetest sounds I’ve ever heard, I felt myself in a trance. Guitars are one of the most beautiful sounding instruments, able to take on any tone, and sing out as an emotional extension of someone. When you play a guitar, you feel it is apart of you, a voice for your mind. It responds to every person differently until they find the melody and tone that suits them best. This man that stood before me and a crowd was able to tell so much about himself through his playing, and when he became vocal with his own lyrics, it paralleled with his guitar in such an unfathomable way. Such a gentle and heavenly voice, I felt his heartache. I felt the pain of what he went through and I couldn’t believe the courage he had to open himself up in front of all of us. At this point I started to feel shivers down my neck at this forlorn sound…. and then his tempo changed. For the chorus the guitar became quite aggressive. Allowing the strings to slap the bridge of the guitar created not a heavy sound, but an aggressive melody that still had the gentle touch he began with. Just a over a minute into his playing, I knew that I was going to strive to perfect my own guitar playing to this extent, and go beyond. I started to reflect on my life, all the good and bad I’ve seen and done, it just simply didn’t matter anymore. I was so focused on this piece in a way I have never focused on anything before. Before I knew it, I felt myself stripped raw of any real world problems, possessions and cares. All I wanted was to enjoy the beauty and the privilege of being in that room.

warm-up-guitar-1024x752At the end of this song, all I could do was smile and wipe away the few tears I had. He stood up and walked by me where I felt a shiver from just knowing what his potential as a musician was. Not even my favorite song could compare to what I heard that night. All I could think about for the rest of the night was how I could get to that level of playing. I tried for hours to repeat a short riff that was stuck in my head, and concluded that this guitar was an extension of me, an extension of my voice, not his. I hope one day to find him again though, as he left without a chance to ask him for any info, but I know he left a mark on me, and I’m sure everyone in that room must’ve felt the same. From that one performance, I look up to that individual, and I know his talent will take him somewhere. For the first time I genuinely cried tears of joy.