It seems that nowadays anyone can get famous. Your rude to your mom on Dr. Phil?? Welcome to instant fame and fortune.  You made a sex tape with your ex boyfriend?? Expect to have an 8 car garage filled with lambos and range rovers.  This generation glories these “celebrities” through social media, enabling them to continue to roll in money they don’t necessarily deserve.

Meet 13 year old Danielle Bregoli, better known as the “cash me outside girl.” When she went on the Dr. Phil show, she was a rude and troubled teen being disrespectful to her mother, now she is a RICH, rude and troubled teen who is still disrespectful to her mom. Since the show aired she has gained over 9 million instagram followers. Im not proud of this but i am unfortunately one of those followers. (Don’t judge, she is entertaining as heck!) Danielle just recently signed a reality TV show deal which will for sure add on some more zeros to her already fat back account.  Danielle is also branching out into the fashion industry. She is making thousands and thousands by selling t shirts with her famous catch phrase “Cash me outside how bow dat” I may or may not have asked for one for my birthday.



I guess it can be argued that the followers of these “celebrities” are the stupid ones for making people like that famous but its definitely safe to say that social media is the main reason that these people are even discovered let alone famous.  Thanks a lot social media.