Before hUnknownis unfortunate death in 2013, Paul Walker was famous for his role as Brian O’Connor in the extremely successful ‘Fast and Furious’ Series. It was shocking when filming the seventh film, to find out that Paul Walker would not be able to finish the project. Many fans believed that after his death, the franchise should die along with him, as a form of courtesy. However, the “Fate of the Furious” is appearing in theaters tomorrow, Friday April 14th. This is going to cause fans to react in polar opposite ways. Some will stay in support of the continuation of the brilliant storyline, while others will find it offensive, and not the same without one of the main characters.

The plot to the story however is quite intriguing for Fast and Furious fans. Many questions surrounding what happened to the other main character, Dominic Torretto? Why is he going against his former family? Against the love of his life? And who is this other woman to him, that has this influence, and power over him? Will his team be able to bring him back with the aide from a former enemy? Or is Dominic gone Rogue forever?

Whatever the answer may be to these numerous questions, the biggest one is, will this be the official end of the Fast and Furious series? Many fans would be unable to accept the end because why would something amazing end for no apparent reason. Then again, those on the other side of the spectrum believe that it already ended once Paul Walker was gone. Can this movie even count towards the FAs and Furious legacy, without the co-anchor of the entire show. Only time will tell. Reviews and critics will be rolling in the upcoming week in reaction to the execution and responses from viewers of the new film.

Many questions are aroused in this blog, and not a lot of answers but that’s only because the viewing of the movie has yet to occur to truly focus in on the problem. The inevitable will occur eventually. It’s like series finale of  the hit show, ‘The Sopranos”, all things must come to an end. Whether there is closure or not. Just don’t stop believing until the end comes.