Movie trailers today are important in peoples cinematic experience. It makes the viewer decide if they’re going to come and see the movie or not .Without them many movies may not have been watched. If you don’t know the background on a movie then odds are you’re not going to pay to see some random film you know nothing about. Trailers give you a sense of the story and introduce the main characters that will be starring in it. This helps to see who may be in it, because if a movie has your favorite actor/ actress then that will increase the chances of you going to pay for this movie. On the other hand, if they see a terrible trailer then they will think the movies going to be bad and they won’t want to waste their money on it. Its important for them to take time on the trailer and make sure it reveals the story line without giving away too much information. This is difficult because you don’t want to give away too much information, but you don’t want to make it a short trailer that tells you nothing about the movie.

power rangers

Although some people may enjoy movie trailers others may disagree. They feel that it reveals the whole story and they wont be surprised, but that’s not the case. Yes, in some trailers they may show an excessive amount of footage but they still leave problems for you to try and solve throughout the film. Some producers make the trailers just right and show a glimpse of what may happen, while keeping other important parts hidden. It’s all about revealing the right amount and the right scenes. Some producers may make the mistake of including a scene that doesn’t show much conflict or plot. Nobody’s going to go see a movie like that if thats how it was portrayed to us. There should be action, suspense and shocking moments that help to show how good this film will be. There needs to be a perfect balance in what to keep hidden from the viewers and what to show them to make them come.

batman vs superman

It’s important to have movie trailers because it gets people excited for a movie they may have been waiting to see and it gives others that push they need to go see it. If someone doesn’t seemed thrilled by a movie by just hearing about it then they need to see something that will pull them in such as the trailer. This helps them to decide whether or not to see it. If the trailer was done well then odds are more people will pay to see the movie. Therefore, without trailers the potential viewers of that movie may not come to see it.

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