We live in a world of elites over powering governments and using regular citizens as chess pieces in there own complex game of immoral chest. How do they do this? Information becomes power. There’s so much truth in this world that we will never know about because it could mean the end of actual humanity and order. What we think of Reality has ultimately become a contradiction and the media has molded our minds into thinking otherwise.

We live in fear and “thrive” in ignorance. People who know the truth are always blackmailed, imprisoned, framed, and or killed before the truth could ever come out. There is examples of this in the first pieces of media in the Thirteen colonies. Various news papers in this period pushed the government’s political agendas and would only let these outlets of media publish articles that made the government look good. In 1734, John Peter Zenger printed a publication called The New York Weekly Journal. It’s goal was to call out the government for their corrupt actions, point out the rigging of elections, and backhanded deals with corporations. It accused the governor at this time of various crimes and because of this Zenger was dragged to jail being charged with crimes of Libel regardless if the information printed was true or false. In 1735, Zenger wins his trail when the jury came to an agreement that newspapers had the right to criticize government leaders if they were in the wrong. The governor was then Tried for his crimes. This trail was the defining moment, that proved that the media had the power to influence change. Many people believed this to be a good thing, but some say that this the beginning of corporations blackmailing governments and governments misleading the public. In our modern day world, many people rather not ask questions for the threat of losing the normalice of their current lives and therefore we all live in a bubble of isolation from the truth.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.01.41 PMOccasionally, there are some people who create works of art, film, radio productions and or blog posts that drop settle hits of the untold truth. One piece of work in particular that I would like to bring up is the show Scandal. We all heard of some shows on television having some truth to their storyline. Scandal is an American political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. The show is based on former President George H.W. Bush administration’s press aide Judy Smith. The show was clearly dramatized for views, but the underlying predictions and untold stories that took place in the show are very bafulling. For example, in Season 4 of the show the President’s mistress gets abducted and was being auctioned off in the Black Market because the President was disobeying the republican party’s wishes to go to war with some random country in the middle east to make donors to the party money. The American government used the power of the media to publicity framed this middle eastern government just to make money off of their country’s resources. This event sounds very similar to what happened post September 11th. Some more current examples would be how Scandal predicted that Hillary would run for President against current Present Trump or even the prediction that President Donald Trump would win 2016 Presidential elections. The show touches on people rigging voting ballots, killing people for insurance policies, stories being formed to cover up the truth, and  it really makes you think about how the “real world” around you is just like Scandal’s reality.

We all believe that we are getting our information from well trusted outlets, but who’s to say that the information we have access to is of the full truth. After all, all the big highly-trusted informational sources are owned by people who have the power to alter the information that is being brought to you. Power is knowledge and knowledge.