Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game created by Valve Corporation. It is well-known and free-to-play game on Steam. Dota (Defense of the Ancients) is a game between two opposing teams that consists of five players each. Both teams occupy half of the map and the goal is for one team to destroy the other team’s Ancient (structure) in order to win.

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Dota 2 requires skills, strategies, and teamwork. It has evolved into competitive gaming with small to large prize money. The competition that acquires the largest prize pool is The International, a tournament that happens once a year where the qualified teams from around the world assemble at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. Fans can book a flight to Seattle to witness the tournament in person or stay in the comfort of their own home and watch the live game streaming website Twitch. This tournament has been going on for six years with growing numbers in prize pools, players, and teams. The huge prize pools are from crowded funding by fans and gamers who purchase an in-game ticket (Battle Pass).

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The International 2016 accumulated $20,770,460 in prize pool. According to the article from Forbes, “These awe-inspiring figures now officially represent the largest overall esports prize pool and largest first-place prize of any tournament in esports history.” The huge prize pool entered the Guinness World Record. The $20,770,460 prize pool is split between sixteen teams; third place $2,180,898 (10.5%), second place $3,427,126 (16.5%), and first place $9,139,002 (44%).

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-(The International 2016 Champions, Wings Gaming)

Esports is a growing competitive industry. There will always be new players aspiring for success. “The team’s victory at the annual Dota 2 showpiece literally transformed the five-man team into millionaires overnight.” –Guinness World Records.