Poppy is a YouTube sensation on the rise. Poppy’s content is full of pastels, cuteness, and oddities. Her weirdness is what makes her unique on YouTube. Some of her videos are of her eating cotton candy, reading the bible, advertising Tide, and talking to a plant. Although on the surface her videos are odd and simple, there seems to be a message.

Her actions and words are not the only things that seem off. Her behavior is mechanical, her emotions constrained, and her voice is hypnotic. Her every action is staged and scripted as if she is a puppet. This is blatantly seen in her Tide commercial and Mr Clean videos and further defined in her Shirt video. She asks someone who is off screen, “What do you want me to say?”, and a distorted, alien-sounding voice is heard.


Many YouTubers who were weirded out by Poppy made their own videos trying to theorize who is Poppy and what is she doing. A few of those YouTubers are The Film Theorist, ReignBot, and YouTube Explained; they went into more detail of Poppy. Most theorize that Poppy is all an act; an art project by Titanic Sinclair who is the director in all of Poppy’s videos. The theory is that this project is to ridicule pop culture, the media, and other ideology that we have today. On one of her videos, I Love My Fans, she overemphasizes some phrases that other celebrities say such as “where would I be without my fans?” She not only mocks other celebrities but also the fans when she asks, “Will you do anything I tell you?” Poppy parodies the idolization society has for celebrities.

Along with her channel, she has a VEVO channel, ThatPoppyVEVO, where she has her songs. One of her music videos called Lowlife seems to bring everything together about Poppy. In the video, she is a pop star who refuses to comply with the music industry and the media because that is not who she is. In the video, she sits on a throne with a triangle in the background positioned as Baphomet. According to The Vigilant Citizen, Baphomet is often related to “occultism, ritual magic, witchcraft, Satanism.” This all references to Illuminati which is often regarded with celebrities’ fame and fortune. In addition to the Satanism, Poppy is sitting at a table with the devil. She is uninterested as to what he says and leaves once he does something she doesn’t like. As she leaves she gives autographs to her fans with a paintbrush and enters a car and inhales some gas which could symbolize drugs. This is a stereotypical life of a celebrity, but Poppy breaks away from this life by returning and pushing the old men in suits, the men behind the curtain, away.