In this day and age everyone has heard the phrase “Do it for the gram” at least once  and more then half of you have actually been guilty of doing it.  Most of it is harmless stuff that you wouldn’t have done if social media didn’t exist. However like many things in life, people have taken it WAY too far. Last week a Wisconsin teen and her boyfriend set up her drug dealer and robbed him at gunpoint. They stole 250 dollars of his  weed and intended to to sell it for profit. After the incident the two posted about it on social media…. the term “smooth criminal” does not come to mind when talking about this wannabe bonnie and clyde couple.



social mediaAfter seeing the posts on Facebook, detectives were able to easily find her at her fathers home. When she first saw the cops, she asked if she could go put on a bra…. I mean if your gonna have to take a mugshot might as well look good, right? As she was getting hand cuffed she asked her dad to take pictures of her being arrested so she could post them on Facebook.  If you didn’t take a picture of you getting arrested did you even get arrested??

While most of the “Do it for the gram” posts are harmless and silly, some of them are getting way too out of hand and straight up dangerous. Teens are constantly trying to out do each other on social media by posting outrageous content, not thinking about the consequences that they may face. Is the pressure of having the best posts and pictures getting to be too much for people to handle that they think their only resort is to do outrageous things? Or would some people still do these things whether social media existed or not? Either way something has to be done about this because if people are willing to get arrested for likes on Facebook what else would they do for likes?