Social Media has become the main center of focus in today’s world. While we may have spent most hours of the day playing outside when we were young, the same can’t be said of today’s generation of children. We used to see children playing with their dolls or riding their bikes, but nowadays children are being given iPads, iPhones and countless other electronics. They become so immersed in these little pieces of technology that they let the world pass right by. Children are figuring out about social media at a young age, which may not be so good for their development. If they are always on their phone they will become isolated and this could cause problems of communicating with others in the future. Children being on their phones are now the new normal, but it shouldn’t be. This is happening because of what they see around them. Parents, teachers and peers are being seen using technology instead of communicating with each other. People become so addicted to there phones that the time flies by and they don’t even realize. This causes them to loose focus on the task at hand and waste time.

Since social media keeps expanding it is becoming more known to people of all the top sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Some people use social media more than others and may update their status constantly. This could cause them to post personal information, which can be easily accessible to others. This is another negative quality because people can track where they may be and could either cause harm to them or damage there property if they know the person will be out. Social media makes people think posting information about themselves is harmless but that’s just not true.

social media

Although social media may have some good impacts such as getting news across quickly to the world or helping old friends communicate and stay in touch, it has just as many bad qualities. Social media is affecting our world more than we know. Its not only children though, people of all ages are losing sight on what’s really important. And that is connecting with the world. We can accomplish so much more if everyone decided to work together and not just stick their phones in their face and use it as an excuse to be alone.

kids on social media