I’m sure we’ve all heard about what the ‘American Dream’ is from our English teachers countless times over the years, but just incase you have do not remember what it is, I will tell you now.

The American dream is the idea that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what your background is, you can make it in America. The best example of someone who has achieved this is the fictional character from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby himself. He came ran away from his poor parents’ home in the middle of the dust bowl and worked his way up to becoming a millionaire.


So what does a book from the 1920s have to do with millennials rising to fame over social media? The American Dream. People may think that it requires no hard work or effort to become successful on YouTube, Twitter or Instagram, but it can actual be a strenuous process that can takes years to achieve.

NikkieTutorials is a self-made makeup artist on YouTube. Eight years ago she launched her YouTube channel where she posted videos of herself using drugstore makeup and a laptop camera to teach people how to do makeup. As the years went on, she very slowly started to get more and more views. As she got more views, she also got more money to put back into her channel. This includes pricier makeup, different backdrops, professional lighting and yes, even a nicer camera than her laptop’s. It was not until about two years ago that she really blew up with her channel. Now she is getting paid by different makeup brands to promote their products in her videos, and even making collaboration videos with celebrities like Jessie J. If she quit making videos after three years of barely getting views, she would have never have achieved a net worth of nearly 500,000 dollars at the age of 20.


Getting famous or rich through instagram or twitter is quite different. All it takes is getting lucky with one post that many people seem to like. A friend of mine actually recently had a tweet that got 50,000 likes in less than 24 hours and even had a buzzfeed article written about him. However, he is not now twitter famous because of it. Yes, you do need that one post that blows up, but after that you need to keep the quality posts coming. If you are able to do so, you can slowly gain more and more followers until companies start direct messaging you and asking you to promote their products on your page for a large amount of money. This is how Samara Martins achieved 10,000 instagram followers and a modeling contract from Wilhelmina NY.


It is easy to say on the surface that these people just got lucky in reaching their fortune, but when you further examine it, becoming successful through social media is no easy task. This new age of success has created a new meaning to the American Dream. Now, it is not that where you come from does not matter, but rather that where you come from and who you are is all that matters. Without a unique personality, none of this would be possible. So go out to the world and show them your heart. It might just make you the next Jay Gatsby.