In a society where social media is the main outlet of news and communication between millions of people, it’s no surprise that information about the government is easily spread out through the media. Since his inauguration in January, Donald Trump’s relationship with the media has been a rollercoaster. From stating “alternative facts” to expressing the news as being fake. Besides the normal press conferences and interviews that every President of the United States has to partake in, President Trump is known to use his Twitter account to attack those that disagree with him as much as he did before he became president. Recently Trump attacked News outlets in recent tweet that are commonly known to be against him, unlike Fox News.

“The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

The media is where people learn about what is going on in their world and were they are able to form their opinions about certain things. Donald Trump’s election has aroused a lot of controversy within the media, which affects people who cause more controversy. Social media is where people discuss their views and opinions, and even though everybody has different views, how is it possible to actually agree on wha the facts are. It is commonly stated that there are three sides to a story; the two opposing sides and then the truth-which is usually a fair combination of the opposing sides.images

Depending on where one gets there news will morph how they view certain things because news is practically hear say. People tell other people about something and it’s usually spoken with a hidden bias. If people agree with one outlet’s views more than the other than that’s automatically what people will consider to be the truth and that’s what they will support. Certain news outlets are more conservative and republican, when others are more democratic and liberal which is one of the major ways America is divided.

Trump makes multiple statements that are challenged by certain news outlets, but supporte by others. With social media at everyone’s fingertips, the conversations never end but the conversations are usually done by people who get their news by opposing sources which leads to arguments and nothing but opinions.

If the majority of what people are receiving is bias, then how do people know wht to believe to be the actual truth? What does the media say that nobody can argue with? What does the President say that shows the media is representing him properly? This is a problem that has occured in the past, but becaue social media makes things spread so quickly, and people create different versions of the same information, it is expected for people to continue to oppose each other because the media is the only way people know what’s going on. If source a says “abc” but source b says “bcd, it depends on which source is more appealing to different individuals who are unique, which is what results in twitter beefs and hundreds of facebook arguments.

What is the truth, and where can we all find it?