Fake news is dominating the internet and people do not know what to trust anymore. With our president claiming that multiple new organizations are fake and wrong in everything that they do, who are we to trust? It is hard to find all of the facts in the world when even the facts are becoming “alternative”. The best way to fight against fake news to learn the goal of fake news, how it’s spreading, and how to not succumb to it.


Fake news started before this election season. Fake news has been around with the goal being dismediation: “a form of propaganda that seeks to undermine the medium by which it travels”. Fake news wants to cause a rift in thinking of the reader and it is very hard to not fall for it. Some of the biggest news stories of the recent election were that Clinton sold weapons to ISIS and that Trump was endorsed by the pope (the article has been taken down). There are other countless articles that play to people’s emotions.

With the usage of social media higher now than ever before, these false stories spread like wildfire with just a click of a button. There is a report that fake news began to outperform real news during the election season. Because of this, we need to learn how to fight back against fake news


A good way to know if the news you are reading is real or not is to look at many different sources from different backgrounds. If you read an article on a website, search on Google for other articles about that news story and see how the facts check up with each other. There are websites that will fact check hot topics that are currently being talked about regarding the government.

News today is different than the news of the 1990’s or even the early 2000’s and therefore we need to begin treating it differently. News articles, true or not, are being spread faster than ever on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The power of journalism is now in the hands of the public; it is our job also now to make sure that the news we are reading is real.