Why is it that celebrities are never taken seriously when they have mental illnesses? Kanye West has been recently hospitalized after a meltdown during one of his concerts. Although there were many speculations of the reasons behind the recent hospitalization, most people believe that he may have some type of mental illness that has not been treated properly.


The stress that one may go through as a celebrity is only something that can be understood if we are in that situation. Having people watch your every move and commenting on it will put a toll on anyone. Kanye West, and of course his wife, Kim Kardashian-West are two of the most high profile people in the world. Practically everything they do or say is documented and held against them. Social media has made this even more prevalent in the recent years, we can do and say anything we want about these people without even thinking twice, with no filter on what they say.

Celebrities become what they are told that they are though the media. If people on Twitter, and Facebook say that Kanye West is crazy, and there is constantly news stories about how crazy he is, he will start to become exactly what they want. We tend to forget that celebrities have the same feelings that any other person may have because even though they are in the spotlight, they have feelings just like us. We can no longer brush mental illnesses under the rug because famous people are not mannequins with no sense of feeling. They are just like the rest of us.