Like in many aspects of the modern world, the impact media has had on recruitment is tremendous. Not only is it visible in the easier reach from corporations to possible recruits, but also in individuals looking to be recruited as they are easily able to use media as a platform where they’re much more likely than ever to be seen by the heads of corporations. Now more than ever, recruitment has become a personal, much simpler connection that can happen at any moment, increasing opportunity for everybody involved.

We see this everywhere on both sides of recruitment, from high school athletes uploading their highlight tape to twitter, to coaches and scouts using social media to promote camps where their online recruitment is then made accessible in person. From aspiring musicians uploading their personal music to SoundCloud in a simple fashion, to record labels going out and promoting their own big time artists through radio, TV, and social media so they will appeal to the young unfound talent. We even see media largely impact the recruitment of young men to the military as venues have been created by the government with simulators attempting to promote enlistment and convince kids that the military would be an endeavor worthy of pursuing.


In the sports world, athletes of young ages are now being more heavily recruited than ever before. Due to some uplifting platforms, athletes from any sport can use a website/app such as Hudl to post their most recent highlights that they are looking to share with college scouts as they try to get recruited by collegiate programs. Although recruiters can see these highlight tapes directly from the app, if the athlete is looking for even more exposure, with just a click of a button he or she is able to share their tape on twitter through the app, outsourcing their reach to a broader audience, increasing their chances of being recruited.


From the other side of the spectrum, in attempt to entice young athletes to their program, colleges are frequently tweeting out dates for their most recent camps hoping to get a look and attract young talent that are in the deciding process looking to make themselves known. With heavy advertisements through various types of media, colleges are able to build up their names and gain familiarity with promising young athletes.


As for artists looking to be corralled by big record labels in the music industry, SoundCloud gives them the platform to do just that. Gone are the days of having to rent studio time, record the music, and burn it on a CD to later hand out hoping to be heard. With this platform, aspiring artists are able to record, and post their music directly to SoundCloud which is then open to anybody accessible to this platform.


Just like we see in sports, record labels use media to promote themselves to artists. In the picture to the right Def Jam Recordings is promoting their artist Young Jeezy who will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel later that night. Young unfound talent might then be led to believe that Def Jam may be the place to go to if they want large amounts of success and promotion such as appearing on Jimmy Kimmel.



Maybe most surprising of them all is the way the army is out recruiting young men and women to take part in the armed forces. Venues of video games simulating war combat are being placed in multiple locations as a strategy to lure kids into interest. Lt. Col. Casey Wardynski, director of the Office of Economic and Manpower Analysis explained this strategy, “The Army’s not a game, but we use war games in our training and this is kind of an extension of that. It’s just a new way of connecting with young Americans.” As we can see from what Wardynski said, this has been a huge form of recruitment. Although many different types of controversy come up with using these tools to promote war to underdeveloped kids, the one thing that can’t be denied is the greater reach the military has attained through using video games as a platform for recruiting.

As we have seen, recruiting has taken a huge leap through the use of media, making an action that once occurred very sparsely and directly, now very commonplace and subtle through increased accessibility.

Media is well known for the dissemination of many things, allowing opinions and actions to be broadcasted out into the world creating a connection that might not have been there before. The act of recruiting is a prime example of this, with the result being greater opportunity for both parties involved in the transaction.