Colin Kaepernick who earlier this season was attacked by the media for protesting the United States Nation Anthem is now under the microscope again. This time however it is not because of a protest, it is because of remarks he made regarding Fidel Castro, the former dictator of Cuba who recently passed away. When Kaepernick was asked by a Miami Herald reporter about Castro Kaepernick said “One thing Fidel Castro did do was they have the highest literacy rate because they invest more in their education system than they do in their prison system which we do not do here” . A former Miami judge Alex Ferrer, who has family that had to fled Cuba responded to Kaepernick’s remarks by saying ” Its very easy to have money to spend on education and money to spend on healthcare when you’re taking all the money your citizens can have… when your spending no money whatsoever on due process or the criminal justice system to provide civil rights, Colin Kaepernick should think long and hard about the message he is sending”. Ferrer also goes on to say ” This tells us who Colin Kaepernick is, you can’t on the one hand kneel in protest and say you’re for freedom for everybody and say that you are against systemic oppression and wear on your shirt a picture of the biggest oppressor in the world… A guy who executed people by firing squad without a fair trial”. gettyimages-603553684

The comments made by Kapernick were did not only draw reactions from the media in interviews but also by other NFL players on the field, such as Kiko Alonso. After the game Kiko told Armando Salguero, a Miami Herald columnist that he felt “bad blood” for Kaepernick because of Colin’s remarks about Castro. Kiko Alonso  also took out his anger by leading the Dolphins in tackles, and intercepting Kaepernick.

San Francisco 49ers v Miami DolphinsHowever there are two sides to every story. Kaepernick denies that he supported Fidel Castro. Colin Kaepernick told reporters “What I said was that I agree with the investment in education”. Colin also defended his shirt with Castro and Malcom X on it saying it was one of the many Malcom X shirts he has worn and when asked about the concerns of the Floridians Colin answered “I can understand the concern, but for me what I said was that was a historic moment for Malcolm (meeting Castro). I’m not going to cut out pieces of Malcolm’s life.” . After making this comment the author writes “But cutting up pieces of Castro’s ideology to suit one’s needs, Kaepernick will gladly do.” and then advises him to look in the mirror, as Colin tells others to do. Wether  you support Colin Kaepernick or not, it is hard to disagree that he is very hypocritical.