First things first, admit it… you’ve been on tinder. I don’t care why, maybe your single and looking, maybe to catch a cheater, maybe just to see what all the fuss is about? Regardless, I think its safe to say we’ve all been there done that with the whole “right swipe, left swipe thing” right? Maybe you love tinder or maybe you hated it… either way tinder has happened to 99% of us. Sure, people get in some great relationships but have we ever sorta wondered… is it actually hurting us?

Now we all love the idea of endless faces and the power to pick and choose who you wanna talk to and who you don’t, just from the swipe of your phone screen! But is this really as efficient as we think? Tinder is just advertised as a way of having the powder of who you meet and who you don’t meet. What a great concept right? Wrong. Tinder is actuating kill your dating vibes and you may not even know it!

Now think of it this way… Your at a cafe, a bar, a movie… wherever! and someone who your attracted to approaches you. After endless direct messages and swipe after swipe… can you handle a real life situation? will you really be as a smooth talk or have a way with words as you would if you were hiding right behind your phone screen? Some people can be so courageous with what they say though tinder when in reality they may have problem with asking how your day was! let alone as for your number! Its called the real world ladies and gents! Reality is always different from the phone screen we all tend to hide behind, ESPECIALLY in the dating scene. Now how about we turn the tables… You see someone your attracted to and now YOU want to approach them… would you do it? would you do it now that you can’t “right swipe.” Can’t right swipe and actual human being now can you? Now thing to yourself… why is it so easy to “right swipe” them but in reality your scared to even say hello? This just goes to show we may think tinder is a way to break free from our restraints, giving us the powder to choose but thats all just smoke and mirrors! The day we brake free is when we can actually approach that person you’d swipe right on and take the chance! Maybe they’ll give you a real life “right swipe” right back!

A real life “right swipe” is pretty hard to do, its true, but what about the dreaded “left swipe?” Of course we all want that special someone to be interested as much as we are attracted to them but i feel as if thats the sole reason why some just turn to tinder. If you right swipe and get a left swipe back… no one will ever know! Thats whats really stopping us from just admitting to the ones we are attracted to… fear of rejection, or in this case, face to face rejection. Some are pretty happy with rather that a face to face rejection they would rather just never know about that rejection at all. Rejection hurts but using a tinder profile of just cover it up won’t benefit you in the future. We all get rejected and no matter how much we avoid it… The day will come were we gotta be strong and just own up to that face to face rejection!

So now what if instead of getting rejected, YOU are to one who’s doing the dreaded deed. Someone likes you, or in my words “real life right swipe.” Problem is you have ZERO interest in them. How are you going to brake it to them? Can hide behind a secret left swipe now! By no means am i saying “date them to make them happy” because lets be real, thats pretty messed up. What i am saying is that using tinder just lessens our ability to handle real life situations! If someone asks you out or asks for your number or anything along those lines… You can just swipe and “poof” there gone! Real life doesn’t work that way. You have to be a big kid, put your big kid pants on and handle it properly, without hurting their feelings of course.

To be honest, Tinder went from lets all go find cute little dates or hook ups to… lets just hide behind a screen and hope for the best! Tinder has definitely made it harder for boys and girls all over to have face to face “icebreaker” conversations! Personally i see it in everyday life! Hearing of face to face “can i have your number” conversations is almost UNHEARD of now a days! back when i was younger i used to witness guys asking girls or girls asking guys out at social events ALL the time! Thats what i mean by Tinder is definitely killing your dating vibes! Wouldn’t you feel better if you know that you met your significant other because you were courageous enough to just tell them your interested rather than swiping?! Now don’t me wrong, I’ve been on some pretty cool tinder dates and my friends have met some awesome guys who there in serious relationships with now, no shame there! But I’ve seen way more vibe killers come from that app than anything! Tinder is great but to an extent. Live the app, sure, but make sure aside from handling the online dating life… you can handle a real life interaction with one! Be more social, outgoing, peppy… be all the things that you want that person on tinder to give you a right swipe!