Over the years as technology advances and profit continues to Trump (pun intended) our regressing society- our beliefs, values, and traditions are being challenged and have been for the past several decades. The norms of the holidays now involve leaving your family dinner and the comfort of your home to stand in a line with people who hold material more valuable then family time or simply giving back to their community.

Each year I notice how every holiday is becoming more and more commercialized, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not only does this distract from the actual meaning of these joyous occasions but for people less fortunate then us who must work these days to provide daily necessities for their family are feeling it most. Commercializing holidays arise problems beyond belief- our most important belief is the unity, solidarity, and religion that the holidays allows us to feel.

Social media does a superb job of capitalizing off holidays and interupting family traditions. Yes, I know its the consumers fault for particpating in these new generation traditions but marketing styles suggest deals like these would only come around once or twice a year… Guess what time a year that is?

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