So. Yeah, that happened. All that racist rhetoric Trump let out out, has seemingly turned out to be true as he announced Stephen Bannon to be his white house chief strategist on November 14th, 2016. What does a senior counselor/chief strategist do? The direct responsibilities and duties are largely unknown. However, he will most likely have a lot of influence and authority given to. There have been rumors about other members of President-elect Trump’s cabinet ranging from Rudy Giuliani to Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and others. The only two official members are the RNC’s Reince Prieubus as chief of staff and Stephen Bannon. Who is Stephen Bannon you might ask? Well that’s exactly what we are trying to find out, so while staying as rational as possible lets look into our new Chief Strategist.


Stephen Bannon was born in Norfolk, Virginia in November 27, 1953 serving in the US Navy for seven years as well as working at Goldman Sachs, later moving on to become chairman of Breitbart News for four years. Not much is known about how he’ll act once in the White House, however we do have evidence of his actions as a leader from Breitbart. Under Bannon’s leadership articles such as “Why Equality and Diversity Departments Should Hire Only Rich Straight White Men”, “Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism Or Cancer?”, “Hoist It High and Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims a Glorious Heritage”, and “Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew.” The first article seemingly racist, second sexist, and last anti-semitic. He is also, seen as a leader for the alt-right which is a movement online that stands for mainstream conservatism. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Bannon is the main reason Breitbart news became a “white ethno-nationalist propaganda mill.”


Breitbart News is a website founded in 2007 by Andrew Breitbart, and in 2012 Stephen Bannon became executive chairman. It began originally as a site reporting on liberal scandals, and has been reported to “misleads readers in order to escalate what they see as nonissue.” It heavily supported President-elect Donald Trump during the 2016 election as well. Typically hated by liberals, not always backed by facts Breitbart is mainly an outlet for the far right to attack the left, and has been accused of publishing racist, anti-Semitic and sexist articles mainly under Bannon’s tenure.


What does this all mean in regards to the US? Well it is tough to say right now, for starters because we do not fundamentally understand how Mr. Bannon’s  boss will let him act. We do not know how his boss will even act, as Trump has been pro-life, pro-choice, supported a ban on muslims and deporting millions of immigrants, while also doubling back on his argument that he would completely eradicate Obama Care. Most recently, he took back his statement saying that he would not hire a private prosecutor to place Hilary Clinton in jail for her email scandal. The main point is that, there is a sense of uncertainty right now, and Stephen Bannon does nothing but emphasize this even more. We have seen his past actions, however we cannot know how he will act once in office.