Klay Thompson is arguably the best two guard in the NBA right now, but is struggling to find his stroke at the start of this season. The media has plenty of theories to explain why this is happening to him. It could be the addition of Kevin Durant, his unknown beef with Draymond Green, or he is just not fitting into the new system. While of this could be true, there is nothing to really back that up.

The Warriors are by far the most intriguing team in the NBA this year. Adding so many superstars is going to grab the media’s attention. The media has been looking for the tiniest cracks or slip ups to pounce on and blow up. The biggest story to date has been Klay Thompson not playing well this season. Many blame the arrival of Kevin Durant, but it is so much more simple. The simple answer is that he just has not shot the ball well this season. Klay is getting the same looks and same amount of shots, but is just not hitting them yet. This link from  NBA.coms shows how that Klay is only hitting 34% from three this year, well below his career average.

Klay Thompson has been questioned over the past several weeks on what is going wrong. Clearly frustrated after this game,  Klay kicks back and has a beer. In recent games, Klay has shot the ball better and looked more comfortable. Maybe he even had a beer before to relax him a little. The media is going to be all over the Warriors this season so they better get used to it.