Movies are deep rooted in culture. For years they have had the power to take people out of the commodity of their houses and spent money to watch a video on a big screen. The art of telling stories masters the art of playing with time. In two hours they can tell a story that takes place in 24 hours or 24 years. After so many movies have reached the big screen, directors exploit their creativity to present something different to the audience. What makes movies interesting is how they can entertain and teach people at the same time, and how there is one for everyone.


A catching plot, a soundtrack that will play in your head for days, scenes that you would like to live and dialogues that you wish you could use in your day to day put together is pure magic. Movies are powerful because they are an illusion we believe. The public empathizes with the characters and travels with them to the places they go to and the situations they confront. We are drawn into the story because movies get to our emotions. Movies present situations every person can relate to so we share and understand whatever the character is feeling; anger, sadness, nostalgia. We know a movie is not real yet we watch actors not only play their characters but become them because we are convinced the plot is their actual life’s. We deeply believe that their problems and adventures are real.

Take Harry Potter as an example. It moved and continues to move millions of people around the world because it brought to life the boy who lived, and for at least two hours that we are watching those movies, we share a boys surprise to magic, sorrow for his parents and support when he is with friends. When we watch the movie; talking paintings, flying brooms and Quidditch are real. I guarantee that at some point in your life you were in a train station and wondered what would happen if you ran into a brick column. Yes! You know you would fall and probably get concussion but for a few seconds you daydream about appearing in platform 9 3/4 s. That is how far entertainment in movies can go.


Not only do movies entertain us, but they also teach us something. From Disney movies teaching kids the difference between right and wrong and values like solidarity, to profound movies like Pay it Forward and Good Will Hunting that teach us the importance of living. Good Will Hunting portrays a man looking for a better life, the personal struggle of facing demons and that living is not the ability to do math and have a high paying job but going through life without regret and the best way to do it is to find love; love in a partner and the people surrounding you. Pay it forward shows how a person is powerful enough to make a change and stresses how a little favor and treating someone the way you would like to be treated can have a bigger impact than we think. When a movie gets you to think about your life, and how you have been living it and are currently living it, that movie gave you something you will keep present in your life. Movies are teachers; the best movies are the ones that stay with you. Not only do you learned something from them but sometimes you can live by that lesson.

There is a movie for every person. “Tell me what you eat and ill tell you who you are” I actually disagree with that saying but I can twist it and apply it to movies. “Tell me what you see and Ill tell you who you are” Not that movies will tell me everything about you or that they completely define how you life your life, your thoughts or opinions but they tell me a little about you in that they indicate your likes/dislikes. For example I avoid horror movies at all cost but I am addicted to movies inspired by true events. Every movie is a little fantastic but the core of true events films remains true. Personally, I think they are also hints of what you would like to do in your life. You know how you finish a movie and say “I want to do that for the rest of my life”? That is me after every inspired by true events films because I cannot be in Google fast enough to research the history behind the movie, and for the whole movie and days after I fantasize about talking to the people the story was based on to learn about their experiences.

Spotlight and Colonia are recent examples that reassured me that journalism is what I want to do. They present the essence of journalism; putting yourself on the line, inform the public with the truth, even if it means going after the system or exposing something society feels uncomfortable with. Both movies show the value of speaking up and pointing out cover-ups of an institution “that thinks in centuries” like the church in Spotlight or crimes the authority committed in Colonia were committing. People are afraid to speak up because people at the top of the social hierarchy control them. However, in these movies, they brought evidence; statistics in Spotlight and pictures in Colonia that proved institutions abusing their power. Evidence is eye opening and undeniable. People, who shine light over injustices, give people information they can use to fight against a system that is not working the way it should and demand a change. These movies are my personal favorites but there is a variety of genres and styles that give every person a movie they can be interested in.

Movies are controversial. Not everyone will like every movie but keeping the publics attention for a couple of hours deserves an applause. And if the public remembers the movie for years, hats off, because the audience probably learned something from it and carry that something with them. Films can make us reflect about our everyday life. There is a movie out there for you, a plot you can connect to and characters you can relate to. Movies makes us travel to places in seconds; not only in the movie but out of it as well; for example when you hear a song from the movie you go back to the scene and/or to your feelings during that scene. Movies embedded in culture because they are powerful enough to open your chest and touch your heart.


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