Social media has made it possible for males to make history and break gender barriers by becoming significant figures in the online “Beauty Community.” Many women have become “instafamous” through their online makeup tutorials featured on Instagram and YouTube. Sites like these have made it possible for absolutely anyone to post their latest trends, routines, and “how-to’s” for others to view. Now, many men have been becoming famous for the same thing, makeup. They post their new looks just as women do and have been making big brands more acceptable of male makeup. In history, women have been the known faces of your favorite lipstick or mascara. Commercials would generally be aimed at the female audience as opposed to a male audience by having female models display their products. Today, in 2016, things are much different.


James Charles Dickinson is a 17-year-old boy who became famous overnight by posting his senior picture. Not only does he have 896k followers on Instagram, but James Charles is the first male Covergirl. He has broke boundaries and you can now see his face on advertisements for Covergirl’s products on your television, Covergirl social media, and magazines. The world can now see for the first time, men being models for big beauty brands such as this one.

James, however, is not the only male makeup enthusiast that has been making moves. Gabriel Zamora is another teenager who loves makeup. He too has over 100k Instagram followers but, he now works for Michelle Phan’s multi-million dollar company called ipsy. Gabriel is the first male ipsy “stylist.” As a stylist he is paid to produce makeup tutorials in the studio as well as promote their featured “glam bags.” Recently, many men have become more famous than women when it comes to beauty blogs. It is important to realize this industry isn’t just for females. Among the many talented makeup lovers, these males just show how the craft is not just for women.

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Male makeup artists such as Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, have been responsible for some of the most iconic beauty looks as seen on celebrities and practiced by millions of makeup lovers everyday. Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself being contoured and highlighted for an event. Her makeup artist Mario transformed her unblended face to a portrait of the right amount of shimmer, glow and “bronziness”. It has now become a routine for millions of people around the world to practice.

It’s about time men get some recognition for being makeup aficionados and doing the skill just as well as women do. The media has made it a lot easier for these talented men such as James to make a name for themselves and continue to show the world their talents.