One week ago, the United States of America was struck with tragic (I’m sorry, is that bias?) news that Donald Trump had been elected President. Now I’m sure most Americans, like myself, were dreading the election results no matter the outcome. Neither presidential candidate was ideal for the job, but as I laid in bed at 2 a.m. and watched as Trump won the electoral votes in Florida and Pennsylvania, I felt my heart fall out of my chest.

Since then, protests have erupted across the country. People have joined together in groups, small and large, to mourn the hypothetical “loss” of their basic human rights. Individuals have been wearing black for days, ranting on Facebook, and trying to find every which way possible to get Hilary into office this upcoming January.

At the moment, America is in emotional shambles. So, when people are upset, what do they do? Eat ice cream, watch sappy movies, and, you guessed it, look at memes.

I would consider myself a self entitled meme enthusiast. I love a good picture of Arthur’s fist or a cat with a melon on its head, and I just have to say that the memes that flooded the internet after the 2016 results travesty are some of the best I’ve ever seen.

So let’s take a mental break from all this political drama to appreciate what Americans do best: turn touchy events into stupidly hilarious pictures.








If nothing else good comes out of this election, at least we have memes.

P.S. To whatever genius created these, please run for president in 2020.