Sorry, I can’t be an adult; I’m adulting.

This is the new motto for the millennial generation. A motto that has taken a noun and turned it into a verb. Maybe a more realistic representation would be taking a being and turing it into a hobby. Being an adult has ended with Generation X, as we, millennials, treat adulthood as if we have casually taken up spin classes. We haven’t completely committed to going to all the classes but we love the idea of being able to put hashtag spinning on our lastest Instagram post. It’s sad to say that just like spin class we can’t commit to being an adult either but we CAN add #adulting to the end of all out tweets.



Generations before us weren’t raised by the internet like we were. They didn’t have Facebook to write their opinion pieces on. They didn’t have Twitter to see what “hashtag” was trending right then and there. They didn’t even have Instagram to preserve their adulting moments because if you don’t post it on Instagram did it even really happen? The answer is YES! Your “adulting” moments happen everyday of your ADULT life and will continue to till the day you die. So please do me and everyone else a favor and quit using the word adulting. Take a page from the older generations book and just be an adult because you are one.


I guess one can’t take all the blame for falling into this new trend because sometimes life gets hard and we want to show the world that we’re doing fine. That still doesn’t mean we have to post on social media about doing the things that are expected of us in society.  When we get our first apartment, or get a job don’t use the word adulting because in all honest it degrades the successes in our lives. The word adulting has literally been made into hobby, so stop taking the seriousness out of our successes and what it means to be an adult. Put down the mug that says “Coffee Because Adulting is Hard” and get out there and join people in adulthood. No more hashtag adulting because it shouldn’t sound like a surprise that when one is living like an adult. Just walk out in the world and own up to being an adult. Commit to something for goodness sake.

I’m sorry Millennial Generation the internet has let us down. It can’t teach us everything we needed to know about life. After we turn the legal age of 18, we have to put down our phones and learn how to be adult by ourselves. Yes, it is hard. Yes, we have no clue what we are doing. Just remember we were all let down by the internet, but that doesn’t mean the adulting trend is going to teach what the internet couldn’t. So join the older generation in the real world. Oh, and WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD!