On November 8th millions of people all across the world watched as election day took place. It was a night of stress, anxiety, and for many people fear. As election night went on it became clear to us all that the next president of the United States of America, against all odds, would be Donald Trump. As we’ve seen since election day this has sparked outrage throughout our nation. Millions of Americans have taken to the streets to protest, most notably on 5th Avenue in new York city, right in front of Trump Tower.


This presidential election has done something that we, as Americans, haven’t seen since the Civil War, divided our nation. People are protesting all around the country in response to Donald Trump being elected president and Trump supporters are fighting back. In a recently released video  an anti-Trump protester is seen giving a speech in front of a crowd of what one can assume to be fellow protesters. The gathering as a whole seems to be peaceful, until in the middle of the man’s speech a man, likely a Trump supporter, charges down the stairs and forcefully shoves the man giving the speech off of the stairs. The man who pushed the speaker is then attacked and roughed up by several other anti-Trump protestors. After a brief scuffle the police intervene and detain the man who pushed the speaker off of the stairs.

What we’re witnessing is something historic, and not in a good way. Our country’s people have been completely divided against each other. The media has been covering several other protests as well, taking place in cities such as Portland, Oregon and Washington D.C.. What we’ve seen has been jaw dropping. Though many of these protests have remained peaceful there have been  several cases of protests actually starting to get violent. Last Wednesday a protest in Los Angeles broke out on the 101 Freeway, resulting in the closing of the major highway. Many protesters were caught vandalizing news vans and LAPD vehicles, writing phrases in graffiti such as “F— Trump”. Protesters were also caught at one point throwing rocks at police officers. By the end of the protest there had been a total of 28 arrests.


Every aspect of our society has been effected by this election, in both good and bad ways. Even television and sports, things people go to in order to escape their everyday problems, have felt the need to take the time to encourage peace and unity within our nation because the division we are undergoing right now is so frightening. Ernie Johnson, an NBA analyst on TNT and MLB broadcaster made an effort during a recent show to preach the importance of our country coming together as one, and talked about the importance of hope and giving Donald Trump a chance. Every facet of our nation’s media has been completely engrossed by this election and what it has resulted in. That is ow significant this has been. no matter what your turn on whether it be sports, world news, or television shows, there’s a chance you might hear something in regards to this election.

Our nation has been so greatly divided. The best we can hope for at this point is that this division in our society doesn’t last much longer. Hopefully, one day soon, we can all band together and once again be “one nation under god”.