Everyone who has been on the internet within the last few days, especially today, need something to help their spirits. And while binge drinking is an option, this option is consequence free. Laughter is the best medicine, and boy, sure did this make me laugh.

Back in 2011, the most amazing thing to ever grace the internet was released. And that is Rebecca Black’s Friday. 

This youtube video, which has grossed over 101 million views (as of November 2016), became a viral video that helped shape the content that is posted on the internet. This song, which follows the protagonist describing how to drive and what she does on a Friday. The company that produced this gem of the internet as produced plenty of other videos (such as the semi-racial, semi-disturbing gem of Alison Gold Chinese Food) that are just as terrible. But one thing that keeps this hit single well above the rest is the fact that there is a conspiracy that is connected to Rebecca Black’s Friday.


The conspiracy is that Friday  is actually about the assassination of John F Kennedy. I would have never guessed that there was a connection between one of America’s worst tragedy and an Internet famous music video.

Evidence of the Conspiracy.(And there is a lot)

  • 7 a.m., waking up in the morning             JFK woke up at 7 am the day he died    
  • Got to be fresh, got to go downstairs                He has to be ‘fresh’ to go ‘downstairs’ which could easily represent he has to get ready to die, downstairs representing death.
  • Got to have my bowl, got to have cereal            When JFK died he declined to have sausage, eggs, and toast and instead ate Bran Flakes.
  • Seeing everything, the time is going              Everything throughout his day goes by quickly, his time to live is going by.
  • Ticking on and on, everybody’s rushing              A reference to the cold war by the sound to make it sound as if it says ‘Everybody is Russian’
  • Got to get down to the bus stop                    The following Monday (after JFK died) JFK was supposed to sign a bill that required public bus transportation for schools.
  • Got to catch my bus, I see my friends (my friends)                       This also has to do with the verse right before it, same meaning here. However, this can also imply JFK getting into the car he was assassinated in.
  • Kicking in the front seat            The driver of the car that JFK was in was named Samuel Kickin, see the correlation here?
  • Sitting in the back seat             JFK was assassinated when he sat in the back seat of the car instead of kicking in the front seat.
  • Got to make my mind up
    Which seat can I take?         Shows his inner quarrels that say he should take the back seat yet he has a strange feeling something bad may happen, he is in deep inner thought conflict.
  • It’s Friday, Friday                  JFK was assassinated on a Friday
  • Got to get down on Friday       When JFK was assassinated secret service yelled at Jackie Kennedy to ‘get down’
  • Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend                Everybody is looking forward to the weekend to find out if their questions on the assassination can be answered.
  • Partying, partying (yeah)
    Partying, partying (yeah)
    Fun, fun, fun, fun
    Looking forward to the weekend        This shows the irony and chaos of the assassination with things generally correlated as good yet also tend to be chaotic.
  • 7:45, we’re driving on the highway       JFK is heading to the airport in this scene because he did fly the day of his assassination
  • Cruising so fast, I want time to fly     Represents the plane he flew on to reach Dallas Texas with the word fly.
  • Fun, fun, think about fun More irony of the whole assassination
  • I got this, you got this
    Now you know it                   ‘I got this’ represents Kennedy taking the bullet while ‘you got this’ represents Jackie Kennedy getting JFK’s dead corpse, and now everybody knows John F. Kennedy is dead.
  • We so excited
    We going to have a ball today                                                                                                        Shows more irony of the situation, and the ‘excitement’ that his death caused, although not the good kind. The ball represents the bullet that shot Kennedy.
  • I don’t want this weekend to end     Nobody wants the weekend after the Friday to end because there are too many questions, too much grief over the loss of John F. Kennedy.

Well, isn’t that enough evidence. While there is a lot of evidence, a lot of it is circumstantial at best. And most, if not all, are coincidental with a normal teenagers lifestyle and phrasing. Most teenagers eat cereal. That is common knowledge. And while JFK decided to eat cereal as his last breakfast instead of his hefty breakfast , there is no correlation between them. Along with that, it is very unlikely that the writers of this song purposely chose to you the word “Kickin'” in regards to Kennedy’s bodyguard, who in fact did was sitting in the front seat. “Kickin'” is a common slang used my the cool kids

With this whole conspiracy, the evidence is created when the context was added. From seeing this song alone, there is no indication that the assassination, or frankly death. This, like most wacky conspiracies, is only the forcing of two ideas to merge. Some of the best examples are the Illuminati, Beyonce’s Surrogate Drama, and even the existence of clones. The internet is the breeding ground for false ideas, and hilarious occurrences. This is an example of those two merging.

So to sum it all up, Friday  is not about the assassination of JFK and you always be weary of what you read.

Are there any other weird and hilarious conspiracies out there? Let me know down in the comments.