Every college student knows this feeling for sure. Running around, Running out of time, Running yourself down and most of all… Running out of sanity! Class to class, book to book… eventually we all get fed up!

I’ll admit it, i can totally confess to turning sanity into insanity. At this point, I’m basically a pro! And if your looking at your self and thinking “damn it… thats me.” well fear not because in the madness of college we all become insane at some point! We try to balance out homework, due-dates, social lives, jobs, Tests, Relationships, family, etc. We try to stay positive, eat well, get fit and get educated but within attempting to do all that… we sacrifice out minds… our sanity! Now some college students do and absolutely excellent job at balancing all that. How? How can someone have so much to handle and so much to finish and do well on and stay in a “peaceful” state of mind?! Well here are 3 little tweaks you can make to help your mind rest all while preforming all your tasks!

  1. Fuel your body with nutrition and exercise.                                                                                     First, good nutrition, well it speaks for itself. Good nutrition is just the scientific word for “brain fuel” which we’ve all heard of! Eating right, balancing out meals and making smart powerful food choices will in fact fuel your brain! Eating the right food and giving your brain the correct energy will help your think clearly, remember things easier, and figure out even the hardest of life situations… thus lifting some weight of your shoulders! And Second, Exercise. Oh exercise, either your hear that word and cringe or your hear it and your ready to go and dead lift asap! As much as it may pain you to admit it, exercise is the BEST outlet. It lets your blow off all that steam you have building up. Now think about how much steam you have cooped up inside you… Eventually it HAS to come out and exercising will definitely give your head some rest! Go on, Give it a shot! Run, Lift, Play a sport, Do what ever your exercising heart desires! These two things combined are the perfect remedy to keep your head on your shoulders!
  2. Sleep                                                                                                                                                     Need i say more? Sleep definitely is one of those things I KNOW your not getting enough of. Admit it, your sleep deprived! Even if you wake up after sleeping for about 5 hours and you feel fine… i can guarantee you… your not fine at all! Sleep is the bodies way of your brain processing your days thoughts, plans, events and idea and not enough of that will lead to the dreaded “brain lag.” Studies have solidly proven “less hours of sleep = less hours of brain power.” Make it your goal to go to bed early, Yes I’m going to say it, and get AT LEAST those 8 hours everyone preaches about! heck, go for ten! I know you wanna go out tonight but think of your tomorrow and how terrible you’ll feel after a 5 hour sleep! Get rest and even in-between classes, a 20 min nap will never hurt!
  3. Surround yourself with the right people.                                                                                            So to all you who wonder “why are my friends giving me so much anxiety!?” maybe its time to change your circle! It sounds a big harsh but sometimes being around people raise your levels of anxiety whether is about school, social relationships, confidence… Maybe there not the right crowed to hang around after all. Find people who instead of discourage you or maybe pull you out of your comfort zone in a bad way, find this who accept your choices and encourage them. We all have been told to watch out for peer pressure and i can assure you, not matter how much you’ve told yourself you’ll never give in, college will definitely get to you at some point! So watch out and surround yourself with people who keep you sane… not drive you insane.

These 3 things are just small tweaks we can make in our own everyday lives. I know its not much at all but these can literally keep your sanity in play rather than throw you into a spiraling depression of insanity! College can be scary, Your on your own, No more “get someone to do this” for you, you make your own choices… Its up to you! Doing these 3 things will definitely clear up your mind and stay on track so follow them! Make them your priorities and definitely, little side note here, Don’t forget to smile. A smile will always cheer you up even ever your teetering on that live of insanity.