It’s that time again.

Girls in animal ears and a leotard, boys in their favorite onesies and children dressed as their favorite heroes.

This is a time where you can be someone, anyone,  you want to be without being judged or shamed.

At least that’s what I thought.

Scrolling through Facebook one afternoon, I came across this picture:


Now, I’m sure the author meant well in her statement. She simply was addressing the fact that she seemed to be the only witch in a world full of Harleys.

This is seen as a negative thing to be, especially in this world of “One of a Kind”. Those that are a popular attraction are seen as something to not be in order to be something different.

Harley Quinn is seen as a negative to everyone because she became popular. Everyone wants to be different and thus she’s seen as the same, as everyone wants to be this new version of her.

The problem is, it discredits how important she truly is.

Beforehand, she was seen as the villain, a crazy love-obsessed woman who is not only dimwitted but needs protection.

Now, she’s still a villain in her own right, she is in love but it doesn’t hinder her and she can take care of herself.

Oh, and she’s hot.

The newly re-defined image of her has made her a popularity. Before she was dressed in a long red and black suit, she followed Joker everywhere and she had only the common sense given to her from Joker. She was the favorite to a lot of comic book geeks who only wanted a girl to be obsessed with their favorite villain. Another reason for them to fantasize over an ideal life. Harley gave them a way to enhance their ideas that girls are only important in comics to be love-struck and obsessed and not to be an actual dimensional character.


4669436-harley_quinn_design (This is the original character design for Harley.)

Before the new wave of Harley as of this past year, girls really had no one to look up to in geek culture who was not a good guy. Sure, there are other villains to dress as such as Poison Ivy and Catwoman, but there was no one on the league that Joker was. They weren’t on the same level of popularity either. From their slight showing and their seemingly meaningless need to be a bad guy, there was no one who was just evil for the fun of it.


Harley opened that door. She was on the same page as Joker, seen as nearly being more insane than him. She was never cut out for the “straight and narrow,” she always wanted a little twisted joke in her life. Not only was she hot but she went against everything the “good girls” stood for.

The internet has a good way of making a character like this into a villain. Comic book boys both new and old undermine all that she is as a character. The misogyny in comic books of it being “a place for guys” as well as the idea that “no girl reads comic books” allows those boys to feel under attack by a character they can’t box.

For a lot of girls she becomes the beacon of light for a lot of situations. Not only is she considered a villain for no reason but she also has a semi redemption arc in Suicide Squad the comics as well as the movie adaption. She also has escaped domestic violence and is one of the first canonically bisexual characters.


While she is seen as being the new internet craze, she is also truly revolutionary character for a lot of girls.

So girls, dye your hair pink and blue. Put on your red and blue shirts and you rock that “Daddy’s Little Monster” T-shirt, and don’t allow the internet or some moody boys on reddit tell you not to.

Harley Rocks.