Have you ever stuggled with taking that perfect selfie? Do you have constant problems of finding the “right lighting”? Do the filters not complement your picture? Have you ever thought this selfie isn’t social media worthy? If you answered yes to any of these questions first I would like to say I’m , but second I would like to say WELCOME because you need to look no further; other than reading the rest of this blog. Many people who are not experts at taking selfies believe its as easy as 1..2..3, but think again because as we will discover there’s levels to this selfie game.

There’s do’s and dont’s, specific locations, and giving too little or too less in a selfie. For instagram likes your pictures lighting must coordinate with the filter you choose if you wish to have one. The tricky part about filters is they can flush out your skin to make you appear pale or create this appearance of darkness. If you happen to be the luckiest person on Earth and stumble across some “perfect” lighting take advantage of it and get that Instagram worthy selfie!

You want to aim for this:

Image result for karrueche tran instagram

and not this:

Image result for duck face selfie

From facial expressions to camera angles, selfie taking is not as easy as it looks. A lot of preparations are made from the time leading up to the selfie and after the selfie. Some do’s and dont’s of self taking include:


  • Find your good side.
  • Find the perfect lighting.
  • Find a complementary filter.
  • Invest in a selfie-stick


  • No duck face!! (under any circumstances)
  • Dont over selfie it..
  • Dont take selfies at a funeral or church

Don’t believe me? Hear it from selfie expert and celebrity/socialite herself Kim Kardashian.


The selfie worthy of an upload to instagram includes all the DO’s listed as well as in the video with Kim Kardashian.


Selfie Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Selfie