Let’s face it, the whole millennial generation are hipsters. They have literally made their own unpopular opinions cool, but obviously not too cool because that’s against the hipsters’ rule book. However, the most hipster part of this new movement is the fact that their unpopular opinions aren’t actually unpopular. They’re just people’s REGULAR opinions because, here comes the shocker, there is not a single opinion that EVERYONE is going to agree too.So here’s to the new movement craze on blogs, Reddit, and Tumblr, just like you don’t start a paper with “I believe…” please don’t start your post with “My unpopular opinion…” because no one opinion is unpopular.

My main question to everyone that has contributed to this social media movement is: are you doing it ironically? I can’t seem to find any opinion that hasn’t moved up the Reddit forums or been shared through other social media platforms, so my natural instinct is to believe that they’re being posted ironically. Or maybe the word “unpopular” has changed meaning like many others, but I don’t seem to understand why one deems their opinion unpopular. This is just one of many theories about why society is throwing around the word  unpopular. Like I said this is a movement in the hipster generation, so ironically does seem to fit the bill.


Maybe people aren’t posting them ironically, maybe they are just posting their thoughts to instigate, or what we like to call trolling. The internet is full of trolls to begin with so why not add new things for their entertainment plus if we’re all being honest I know we all get some enjoyment out it sometimes.  Yet I don’t see why we’re are posting these unpopular puffin memes to start fights. They are obviously not unpopular because both sides have quite an army affiliated with them. You, internet trolls, can easily find something to start a fight about so let’s just leave this one alone cause we both know you don’t absolutely need it.


The internet has gone too far with this new trend. There is absolutely no reason to have whole blogs and articles dedicated to explaining how to have unpopular opinions. I can tell you how to have unpopular opinions in one sentence.


We need to stop with this new trend of finding ways to start fights, or hate on things just to get a retweet or favorite. So stop trying to be trendy and just state the opinion you just had to share with the world. And if you really just want to be a hipster then you’re doing it wrong anyway. True hipster wouldn’t be sharing unpopular opinions because it’s way too mainstream now.