Kevin Durant made one of the most controversial decisions in sports history just three months ago. He chose to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and join the Golden State Warriors after being knocked out of the playoffs by the Warriors. This decision has changed his persona from beloved humble athlete to piggybacking player that can’t get the job done on his own. He has recently made some interesting jabs at former teammate Russell Westbrook. Durant is quoted saying this about Golden State “really grateful to play for a team like that and play with a bunch of players who are selfless and enjoy the game in its purest form.” This is clearly a shot at his old team in Oklahoma City and in particular Westbrook. It has always been reported that these two never really got along all that well.  Over the past few weeks jabs have been thrown, but is anything going to change? Durant made the decision and it isn’t going to change.


This past year LeBron James gave the city of Cleveland something they have been waiting for, for some time now and that is a championship. With doing that, Lebron has eluded his villainous stature that he embodied while in Miami. Also, with Kobe Bryant leaving doesn’t the NBA need a new villain? The public’s reaction to Durant going to the Warriors was quick and harsh —€” a predictable outcome. Christmas came early for the NBA and made their job so much easier to cast a villain on.With Durant joining an already stacked team and making it into a “super team” it just seems too easy to make him the villain and for people to root against him. The question to follow is why do we cast villainous rolls on players that just want to win?


Doesn’t every player want to win a championship? Why do we root against players that ring chase? The media has effectively made people root against players that do such a thing. They twist their words in interviews and ask them questions like they are doing right now to Durant to receive the answers they desire for. The media does not care if this effects Durant, they just want to continue the saga of Durant and Westbrook not getting along. Well folks it’s time to move on because the decision is final and it isn’t changing like I said before.

Finally, let’s just enjoy this NBA season because it is going to be mighty fun. Lebron James has no pressure on him for the first time in his career and that’s just scary to think about. Russell Westbrook doesn’t have to justify that Oklahoma City is his team and his numbers will be ridiculous this season you can quote me on that. Last but not least I can’t wait to see how the Warriors deal with adversity this season because there will be plenty and how will Durant respond to his critics.