Television has a large history, starting from its early days of black and white with very few channels to the modern multi billion dollar empire it has become today. But it has not always had a nice past.

The industry has many terrible ideas, mistakes, and extremely bad calls. There have been accidental cursing on live television, and the occasional wardrobe malfunction, but nothing compares to a television show that was a bad idea from the start. Some prime examples are Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos, a take of America Funniest Home Videos but showcasing adult oriented home videos during 1992, and  Turn On, a 1969 sketch comedy show that included the KKK, degrading jokes towards woman and ethnic communities. But by far, the worst television show that has tainted the history of television is Heil Honey, I’m Home.

HHIM, was a British sitcom that aired in 1990.  The premise of the show was a fictionalized tale of Adolf Hitler, and Eva Bard, living next to a Jewish Couple, Arny and Rosa Goldenstein, and the hilarious antics Hitler has to try and cause the Goldensteins to move.

Watch if you dare, and I do dare you.

Part one.

Part Two.

Part 3.

Only the pilot of Heil Honey, I’m Home aired on the British television channel of  British Satellite Broadcasting. it brings to wonder why this television show was even thought of being, even a fraction, of a good idea. Sure, the 1950’s style of sitcoms were popular once, but the plot its self is the problem. This television show, which is far from acceptable, is extremely offensive and insensitive to a who religious population.

HHIM  might have worked as a satire, though extremely unlikely, but was created as a parody of the 1950’s style of sitcoms, paralleling Leave It To Beaver in format. This disaster tried to make the leader of the worst genocide within human history into a comedic source. This show,  though immediately canceled after the pilot aired, had potential to be a nice television show, but the whole concept of Hitler within comedic situations during the early 90’s caused extreme upset.

HHIM  was shamed for its insensitive nature with using the the leader of the Holocaust as a laugh machine. Has television hit a place where they have run out of ideas to where historical events are their new source of information. Granted this happen in 1990, but lately periodical shows are becoming more and more popular. SO there is one question this television show brings up; Has television reached its peak? I don’t believe so.  But what do you believe? Are there any shows just as bad as Heil Honey I’m Home? Let me know down in the comments.


Here’s a video of The Muppets reenacting Fifty Shades of Grey  to help rid your mind of this catastrophey of entertainment.