Kim Kardashian was just recently the victim of being bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel. She was known to have been alone in her hotel residence early Monday morning when the attack occurred, where more than $6 million worth of jewelry in a box and her $4 million ring were taken.

After the attack, Kim was seemingly taking responsibility for the attack and blames herself for what has happened. She says that she believes this attack occurred due to her broadcasting all of her expensive things on social media, not being careful.


Celebrities are always under a watchful eye by almost everyone in the world. Kim Kardashian is no exception. It is believed that the robbers had been watching her for days around Paris, posing as paparazzi, knowing where she was and what she was doing, and she became even more of a target because of her excessive media postings about where she is, what she’s doing and what she has.

Events like this make us wonder if the internet is a blessing or a curse. The internet is a crazy invention, and social media is something that gives people the ability to know what anyone is doing at almost any time of the day. People use it to their advantage at many different levels, and this is just one instance that proves everyone has to be careful what they post online. No matter how famous you are, you always have the possibility of being the victim of attack, and people knowing too much about you on social media, makes you more of a target. Use your social media sites wisely and always stay safe.