A new wave of entrepreneurship allows social media users to turn their lifestyles and passions into a career, all with the tap of a finger.

With the growth of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, many people have found a way to take advantage of these outlets and create careers as bloggers, instagrammers, and snapchatters. One of the larger groups of these new wave entrepreneurs have been what some may call “fitness gurus,” or in other words, people who post quick videos of workouts, blog their super-green, protein-packed meals, and pose in their trendy athletic wear on social media. This ‘fit’spiration ranges  anywhere from yogis to bodybuilders, and they are taking over the tiny screens we tuck in our pockets.

Let’s take a look at popular fitness instagrammer and shapchatter, Jera Foster-Fell, or as she’s known on screen, workoutbean. Jera lives in New York City, has a cute dog named Thatcher (who has his own instagram), and has 100,000 followers on instagram. She started out as a graphic designer  instagramming her healthy and trendy life in the city because she started a workout program for personal health reasons. Jera wound up gaining an enormous following and used that momentum to propel herself forward in her deep passion for fitness, and is now a SoulCycle instructor, a NASM personal trainer, and an Adidas Ambassador. Through social media, Jera was able to create a job and find many outlets for her passion for exercise and healthy living.


Foster-Fell posing in Adidas

Many fitness bloggers or social media users such as Jera typically pick up sponsors once they reach a certain level of popularity. Not only was she offered to model with, travel with, and become an Adidas Ambassador, Jera is also sponsored by Persil, to get that sweaty smell out of her colorful cycling leggings, Women’s Best shakes, to fuel up after SoulCycle, Matchaful, to knock out her coffee cravings, and a few more. Sponsors like this pay people like Jera to pose with their product and post vibrant Instagram pictures or excited Snapchat videos of them recommending and using the product, so that their followers will see it and say “I need that to be healthy!” Other popular fitness gurus such as Jillian Frein, or as the internet knows her, likeagirl_fitness, have their own online shops where they sell workout gear and such with inspiring sayings and logos. This is where the business part comes into play, and this is how ‘fitspirational’ social media users make money.


Frein flexing in her ‘Strong Sweater’ from her online store

This new health craze and the desire to eat clean, work hard, and sweat it out has paved the way for motivated people with healthy lifestyles to create their own career and business platform on social media. With popularity rising for certain media outlets and the clean lifestyle trend, personable and inspiring people like the girls above have found the secret recipe to success, and it all starts with logging in.