I came to the conclusion today that my generation is full of addiction. I came to this conclusion while I was watching countless hours of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix when I really  had countless hours of homework to get done. I really should feel guilty but to be quite honest I don’t, and I know that I am not alone.

It should be so extremely clear, especially by the time that you’re in college, what your major priorities consist of. Although, even with this knowledge of the right thing to be doing a lot of young adults just like me are choosing to avoid responsibility by escaping to another activity that is more heart warming or entertaining. We usually resort to binge watching Netflix or becoming mentally consumed by video games/social media for continuous hours, in result making our school work an inconvenience.


In 2015, CNN Money found that Netflix users watched 42.5 billion hours just that year (about 1 hour and 33 minutes per day). Which doesn’t seem like a lot but that is almost 2 hours of your day, everyday of the year just set aside for watching Netflix. Then there’s us professional Netflix watchers (including myself) who have spent many more hours (my max being about 12 hours) than that on any given day(s) of our week. It can all add up; which has made me wonder if my generation has created its own bond over the best of the best on Netflix and if we have begun emotionally connecting on a level so that Netflix could be considered a form of “social media”.


By the way this is not the only addiction my generation has been shook by. What really gets you away from responsibility is the hard stuff: social media. I’m not going to lie to you, the committed condition that social media has put my generation in can become unbearable for those who are not addicted. Not surprisingly, CNN found that an average young adult spends about 9 hours a day on social media. This statistic doesn’t scare me, because this is what this diseased generation is made of. Just like anything shiny captures a baby’s attention, anything with a working screen captures teens/young adults. CNN also found that a lot of teens check their phones about 100 times a day, while I know for sure that I probably check mine at least 200 times.


These addictions are real and they have side affects (no sleep/lower GPA/less physical contact) but, they are the norm. We are growing up around transformed and innovative technology arising. My addiction is thriving; I am proud that I have watched Gossip Girl all the way through 5 times and that I live on snapchat to post that 5  minute story for everyone to see. I am a responsibility avoider and I like it this disease.