This past weekend, New York City was the venue for one of the College Fashion Weeks. For those who may not know, College Fashion Week is the opportunity of a lifetime for college girls who are looking to become professional fashion designers. They not only have the ability to create their own clothing lines, but they also get to showcase them in a fashion show. It is in a very professional setting with big companies like, Essie, Kind and Boxed Water sponsoring it. My friends and I had the privilege to attend this event and watch as girls our own age pursued their dream career.


Walking into the building you are met with women waiting to check you into the event. They present you with a gift bag full of products and coupons from a variety of sponsors. Beauty companies each have their own little stand, both on the first and second floor of the building dedicated to giving free samples or a consultation for things, like make-up. People are milling around taking pictures and videos for Snapchat so that they can use the specific “geotag” created for the event. The geotag even has a sponsor, Her Campus – a club dedicated to writing pieces targeted for college girls.


Social media played an interactive piece while attending the event. Unique backdrops were placed around the venue giving guests the opportunity to take pictures and post them to social media, with the hashtag collegefashionweek. Companies took this opportunity to do some free advertising through giveaways. Expensive items, like purses, were advertised to everyone. To be eligible to win one of these extra items, the audience had to take a picture of either themselves, or the models and then use the given hashtag, along with the hashtag for the company sponsoring the giveaway. The winners were then announced during the breaks in between each show.


It was hard not to notice College Fashion Week that night. With well-known companies getting involved through sponsorship and giveaways, and people constantly posting their whereabouts on social media, many would not be able to miss it. The lucky women who were able to put their designs on display got a lot of attention not only from design companies looking for new talent, but the public as a whole.