The world of social media has made such an impact on the world today. Through using media outlets and various social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc, many professional teams are able to connect with their passionate fans. They would be able to give out important information sports-social-media-infographic-e1352475114230about special events that are coming up, games, practices even, pregame and postgame schedules, regular season schedules, post season playoff games, injury updates, you name it. They really want to try to keep their fans as up to date as possible so that the fans will be informed about what I going on at all times. Sports franchises take advantage every chance they have, as well as media writers, broadcasters, journalists, etc also in order to notify modern-day fans about practically every single detail about what is going on.

First stop is the world of Facebook. Facebook is a large contributor to many sports athletes, teams, and organizations who are eagerly waiting to put something up on social media. Whether its posting a video or photo of an important play that transpired during a game, or pre-game or post-game interviews, or some horrible injury occurred, they would be able to post a message on Facebook to get out to the public. Most of the time, teams or individual players will post aspects that are good, however occasionally sometimes they will post negative images, or videos to rile ufacebook_like_logo_1p a group, an individual, or a rival or current team even. Regardless of whether it was negative or positive, Facebook will allow many aspects to be put up on its website for multiple people, and fans alike to see, comment on, “like”, “dislike”, or put some emotional “emoji” to express how they feel. Moving on, Twitter has been another prominent piece of social media that many sports franchises have been using to get their messages out there for all to see.

Twitter has also been used very much so lately. This form of social media has been very relevant in today’s society because it again allows professional players, teams, sports organizations the ability to give information about anything that is going on with the club or franchise. They have the ability to do this through “tweeting”, so that fans can be very up to date on the latest news, trends, alerts that the specific team has sent out to the fans. Much like Facebook, the players, coaches, fans, or the organization will have the powtwitterer to share, “like”, and “tweet” about many pieces of information that is thrown out there on social media. Sports organizations and fans alike are also able to “retweet” information to other followers, so that they may get the same information dealt out to them. In addition to Twitter, fans, the athletes, coaches, and organizations use another tool in the coalition of an arsenal of social media apps to get the word out there to other fans through the Snapchat world.

Snapchat is yet another way that the birth of social media has grown much more rapidly and has affected the sports world today. Many teams will send videos or photos, or “snaps” out to fans and will only last a few seconds because it “self destructs” and goes away forever, but can be viewed by the fans and supporters. Mainly, the sports teams, and athletes will create a “snap story” to send out to many people. Basically it is a compilation of the photos or videos of the game, pre-game or post-game, press conferences that lasts for 24 hours for the fans to view. They use it to again, get news out to all their passionate fans wherever they are to keep them all up to date. As an example, the Major League Soccer team, the New York Red Bulls use it, as well as many other teams in the league and in other leagues to document key moments during the game if they scored a goal, or something else happened, they would put these events in a “snap story”. The use of this piece of social media has erupted today and many people are using it to get teams and organizations to get the news out to their fans, while the fans use it to showcase their support to the team. The final use of social media that has hit the sports world on a large-scale has been through the application of Instagram.snapchat_logo

In addition, Instagram has been integrated into the social media world of sports. This piece of social media has impacted the sports world platform through the sole aspect of editing. When the media captures photo shots of the athletes, coaches, organization, what have you, or the athletes themselves do it, they have the power to professionally edit their photos. It allows them to touch them up their original photos to make them look more enhanced, yet make them have the appearance of original photo. The teams, players, and coaching staff will have the ability to change the background of their photos by either dimming or enhancing the light, and they could possibly change what surroundings are near them to make it look more vintage like. Fans are getting in on the action with the teams, coaches, and organizations receiving these photos to give them support during practice, or games. Instagram has enhanced the world of sports immensely.instagram12n-1-web

In conclusion, social media has really affected the world of sports in many ways. Many players, coaches, and teams have the ability to post, “tweet”, “snap”, or post an Instagram photo for all the fans to see and vise versa. Social media in sports allows these fans to showcase what their feelings and thoughts are about the team, organization, and coaches as a whole. This form of communication enables fans to be able to show the teams their support for the sports club, and it gives them an opportunity to connect with the team or organization on a whole other level. Through all of these applications, the growth of social media is prevalent in today’s society and will grow in the future.