Both One Direction and Justin Bieber released albums on the same day, but who’s was better?


After the release of One Direction’s fifth studio album, Made In The A.M., the boys of the band had all eyes on them. Earlier this year, the band lost their fifth member, Zayn Malik. Many did not believe the band would come back after losing what was thought to be a crucial member of their group. However, the 1D boys assured fans they were coming back with another album but would take a year off from touring.


Rolling Stone explains how the album is a good way to close the chapter. However, they believe the group is not hanging up the towel so quickly because it’s defiantly chasing a “rock vibe” like the last two albums. So, the album is up for interpretation; if the boys choose to come back they can or if they choose to call it quits, then this album is a great closing.


While it is still uncertain as to what One Direction will do after their break, Justin Bieber used his album, Purpose, to reinvent himself and rise back up to fame. Within the last few years, Bieber has been out of the music scene and getting himself in some tight situations. However, Rolling Stone believes he is cleaning up his act and this album allows him to start fresh:

“He spends Purpose learning lessons, begging for forgiveness and vowing to be a better Bieber.”

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Both albums are incredibly different and bring in different audiences, but how do you choose a winner?

Billboard broke it down based on the promotion and profit of each album.

Bieber held a concert in Los Angeles with tickets being sold at $18 for entry to the event or $22 including entry to the event and a copy of his new album. The event was also being live streamed for $9.99 with a download of the record. Bieber also partnered up with several other companies in order to promote Purpose in the best way possible for his fans.

Meanwhile, One Direction went a different path in their promo tour. The band appeared on several different talk shows and performed to each one. On Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel, there were tickets sold to go see the boys perform several songs off the album including a physical copy of the record. The band also held “prerelease” events where fans could go and listen to the album before it was even out for sale.

However, One Direction utilized their partnership with Target and released 5 covers of the album; one with all the band members on it and each member had their own individual cover. This gave 1D an advantage over Bieber and they were selling more copies. But, Bieber has more singles playing on the radio than One direction does, which according to Billboard: “Bieber is ­generating more SEA and TEA than One Direction.”


So who actually wins?

In the end, critics said both albums, content wise, were some of both artists best work. Both One Direction and Justin Bieber have totally different purposes for releasing each album; Bieber’s is a new beginning while 1D’s could be the end.