The mainstream media, it’s where we get the majority of our information from, but is it reliable enough to be trusted?  As those who are exposed constantly to the mainstream media, we must realize that what we’re being exposed to may not be entirely accurate.  In addition, the media must always choose which stories it wishes to expose the public to, constantly leaving major global issues out of the public eye.

As the world watched the tragedy in Paris unfold that left more than 120 dead, the mainstream media seemed to shun a similar attack that happened in Beirut, Lebanon.  While the Parisian attacks definitely deserved global attention, an additional ISIS attack did not garner the attention it deserved.

While Facebook became littered with French flag watermarked profile pictures, some users boycotted the movement in protest of the media’s ignorance to the 43 left dead in the suicide bombing in Lebanon.  One of my Facebook friends created his own watermark utilizing the Iraqi and Lebanese flags to give the Middle Eastern victims the attention the media did not give them.  Even celebrities like Angelina Jolie spoke out against the media’s negligence to additional acts of terror.

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Acts of terror are far too common in Israel, but based off of mainstream media coverage, many people may not know this or the details about it.  Even if news about terror attacks in Israel reaches the mainstream media, the victim of the attack always seem questionable.  While Palestinian terrorists are initiating attacks against innocent Israelis, the media seems to make Palestine the victim of Israeli violence.  Even in this video that explains the most recent attacks conducted by Palestinians, the conclusion of the video calls viewers to question who the true victim is.

The horrific acts happening in Israel register with me because my best friend and his family moved back to their birthplace shortly after high school graduation.  Far too often, he’s told me about what’s happened in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and how sometimes he cannot even leave his Tel Aviv apartment out of fear of being caught up in the constant terror.  

After hearing first hand accounts of the terror being conducted against our Middle Eastern ally, I decided to write this blog to hopefully expose how our media is blatantly ignoring these tragedies.  Starting on November 3, he began sending me news articles based out of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, some of which include videos of attacks being done against innocent Israelis.  Warning, these articles that I have linked include content that could be disturbing to some.

Acts like these are often overlooked by the mainstream media, but even when they’re not, Palestinian extremists are seen as the victims of Israeli aggression.  Over the years, Israel has had thousands of missiles launched at them from the Palestinian territory of Gaza, something that would be considered an act of war anywhere.  


The mainstream media, it’s our main source of information, but it’s a flawed one.  I hope that I’ve been able to open the eyes of some readers about the horrific acts done in Israel and I hope that this blogpost will help in questioning the power the media holds over our lives.  We should choose what information we want to be exposed to, not a biased source that constantly shuns us from problems happening all over our world.