Recently, an idea that for years I considered a myth, a figment of my imagination, was validated as a truth. An observation that I once assumed was my mind over-generalizing and fabricating a trend based on a handful of examples, was proven to be, 100% what modern-day Twitter-savvy teens would call a thing.

What was mind-boggling discovery? My mom isn’t the only fully-grown Facebook user who adds “LOL” to the end of a considerable percentage of her Facebook posts. She and her friends aren’t the only ones who send each other memes of Minions or sleeping animals. And they all, would you believe it, call each other’s kids “So precious.” It’s universal!


So how did I make this discovery? The same way I make many of my discoveries these days. I saw a Twitter post from a girl who used the term “Facebook Moms” and attached a photo of a cyber conversation (perhaps fictional…but based on reality) between two women. That was the moment I realized that either of them could have easily been my mom. They seemed to have the same personality.


And then I did a little more thinking. Aren’t teenagers the same way? Don’t we all say I can’t even? Don’t we all love Kardashian memes? Don’t we all type a random assortment of letters when we’re freaking out about something online? Asdfghjkl? Or what about the mock enthusiasm!!1!!1! Can you beLIEVE we do iT too?

Anyway, in true Twitter-teen style, I’ll keep my conclusion short and to the point. I think that it’s a pretty cool thing that no matter what generation you’re from, you can go on social media and read posts from people who you can relate to. Our personalities aren’t the same, but parts of our sense of humor are. Our lives aren’t the same, but sometimes, the way we document them might suggest that we’re all more similar at heart than we might think. And when you’re on social media, a platform that is largely simply for entertainment, maybe what you’re looking for is people who you feel are speaking your mind for you.