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Why Moms are destroying Facebook.


Where it all began. 

On February 4th, 2004, everything changed when Facebook was created. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin. The websites membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students. In time it expanded to colleges in the Boston areas, the Ivy League, and most universities in Canada and the United States. By September 2006, everyone of the age of 13 and older, with a valid email address, could join.

Why Moms are destroying Facebook.

It’s happening. You wake up and look at your phone. There it is…the unknown, the fear, the desperate desire to know.

“Your mom has tagged you in a photo.”


As you click on the notification. There it is. The most hideous picture or embarrassing comment that the world should have never seen or read.

Facebook is taking over. 

According to Fact slides, there are more people who have Facebook profiles than there are people who voted in the last election. Among these people, according to TIME’s magazine, there are 27 million U.S. women who identify themselves as Mothers online.This means that three-quarters of Mothers have Facebook. Now imagine the amount of family members that are affected by this statistic. There are all different types of Moms on Facebook, and none of them are safe.

If only it were possible to hide things from your Mom on Facebook. Until then, each and every one of us will have to suffer the consequences.

They watch your every move.

Although it is great that your Mom will no longer need you to help her constantly with the computer, the consequence of having her friend you on Facebook is much worse. Everything you post, there she is with a notification of a like and comment. This gets very interesting when it comes to your personal life.

Whether it’s a break up with a boyfriend or girlfriend with an inspirational quote, comment on a picture, or even speaking to your ex; they are always there.


Not only do they get involved in past relationships, they feel they have every right to get involved in the future ones as well. Moms feel the need to get involved in every aspect of your love life and do not feel guilty doing that.


Survival Tip: Keep your love life personal and quiet. The less she knows, the better.


Remember that?

Throwback Thursday, also known as “TBT”, originated with @bobbysanders22 as the first person on record as using the tag in 2011. The founder of Instagram, Philippe Gonzalez, states that there is no indication that the user started the hashtag. According to digital trends, “We are never 100 percent sure, as Instagram is removing old tags these last months and some old ones could have been deleted.” Although we cannot exactly pinpoint where it came from, we can pinpoint every time a Mom decides to use the hashtag. Nowadays TBT is not the only problem, as “Flashback Friday” has also been created.

Some Moms have the constant need to post about their “beautiful” children. Despite the other Facebook Moms who are flooding the news feed, no one actually really cares. It seems to be that Moms think their children will just disappear if they don’t constantly post pictures of them. Not only are they posting every aspect of their children’s lives currently, but they also must go back and make up for the time they didn’t have Facebook. This comes into full effect on Thursdays and Fridays. The hashtags of “TBT” and “FBF”, gives Moms the right to post as many embarrassing pictures of their children as they want.

According to Brian, maybe Moms should be much more “limited” on Facebook. If they were limited with what they could post, maybe the embarrassing comments and pictures could be halted for a while.

images-2 Survival Tip: They have an “untag” option for a reason. 

Are those your pictures or mine?

Facebook Moms also feel the need to steal their children’s photos for their own. Not only do they stalk your pictures on your profile every hour, they need them as well. If it wasn’t enough for you to post your pictures, think again, because your Mom will need to as well. If they aren’t extreme enough to repost your pictures, don’t be surprised if they tag themselves in your pictures. This includes all your profile pictures. They also feel that it is necessary to set their own profile pictures as your face. You are among the few lucky ones if your Mom decides to choose a picture you actually like. Other wise you will probably be stuck with a very ugly or extremely zoomed in picture of yourself.


It is quite funny how my Mom was not at any of these Halloween parties, yet she somehow has all these pictures.

images-2 Survival Tip:  Customize your photo settings and allow only certain people to see them.

Clueless Moms. 

Ever see a post that has a very clear fake statement and ignore it? Well Moms see the same exact post, but instead they feel the need to share it with everyone.


The idea of their Facebook getting shut down is probably one of the most scariest statements they have ever heard. The thought of not being able to see their childrens posts terrifies them even more. Without stalking their children and posting about them…. what would they do all day?

Without a thousand game invites, sharing “funny videos”, or constantly letting the world know what they are doing, how would Moms survive without this daily social media intake. They not only post constant spam, but they also post inappropriate and embarrassing status’. Some Moms don’t even know how to make their own status’. By posting what they want to say on other people’s walls, over posting, or asking you constantly to help them work Facebook; can become irritating and tedious. For those Moms who do understand how to work Facebook, they still post very peculiar things. From corny jokes to vulgar comments, Moms prove why they should not have Facebook every single day.

images-2 Survival Tip: Let your Mom believe Facebook really shut down and deactivate her account. 

They tag you in EVERYTHING.

Ever get tagged in something with the comment of “thinking of you”, “HAHA so YOU”, or just a 1,000 hearts next to it from your Mom? I know I have and after the first few posts, it gets old. Although they are trying to be sweet, when you begin to get a new notification every 5 minutes, it turns from cute to irritation. This can develop fights between friends, when she posts a quote clearly directed to someone else. Parents always feel a need to protect their children, but when Facebook gets involved, it can get ugly.


Moms on Facebook can lead to further fighting with whom ever you are fighting with and cause you to look like you are more upset than you are. “Save the drama for your Mama”, can sometimes lead you to have much more drama.

images-2Survival Tip:  Have your phone handy and  delete any post she may put on your wall as soon as it comes up.

The Crafty Parents.

Ever see a clever video on or another site and accept the fact that 99.9 percent of the time you will watch it and never actually commit to trying to complete it? Moms think completely differently. They will turn a normal peanut butter and jelly sandwich into works of art. Whatever happened to the simple lunch box snacks? Now it is Dr. Seuss characters and edible art. Moms try to go beyond and copy exactly what they see on Facebook. Now your newsfeed is full of crazy designed food designs that not only make you starving, but create unwanted spam. Now you have a long list of forced “play date” ideas for you and your Mom to do together.

When did this. Unknown-4

Turn into

images-2 Survival Tip: Enjoy the free food and block your Mom on Facebook.

The Rich and “Perfect” Moms. 

The rich, the snobs, and the ones that we are all jealous of. They usually post nothing about what actually is going on in the world and are more annoying than most Moms. Their nice house with luxury cars, pools, clothing, and jewelry takes up your feed and shows you everything you do not have. From their “flawless” kids and “flawless” family pictures, they seem to look as if they were plucked out of an Abercrombie & Fitch ad. They are known as the FFF. These “Flawless Facebook Families” are irritating and perfectionists.  We will never truly know if their manufactured happiness is real or not.

images-2 Survival Tip: Money can’t buy happiness and neither can Facebook. Don’t be jealous of the unrealistic things you see.

The “Cool” Regina George Mom. 


This is the parent who encourages outrageous behavior from their children. With a like and a comment such as, “That’s my girl!” or “Ya got it from ya Mama!”, you would expect a picture of studious or active children. But in this case, this usually includes the daughter or son doing a keg stand and shot gunning a beer. Facebook is the perfect opportunity for Moms to either shame or cheer on their kids as they experience their first sleepover with their toilet after their first college party.

images-2Survival Tip: If you believe you are responsible enough to do these things, you don’t need mommy cheering you on. Ignore it.

The “Uncool” Mom trying to be “Cool”. 

These Moms truly do care about their kids, but try way too hard. Unlike the Moms encouraging outlandish behavior, these Mom try to fit in through different ways. They love to use emojis as much as possible and hashtag every word. #This #Is #My #Daughter #Love #Her #Life #BLESSED. Ever see a Mom use “YOLO” in her status? Then you have the right idea of what Mom I am talking about.

They don’t get it and they won’t. This is why Moms should just not use hashtags all together. No matter how many times you try to explain it to them, they will never use them correctly. Getting with the “new lingo” is what they attempt to do, but they miserably fail every time.

images-2Survival Tip: Stop trying to explain what things mean. Moms will never understand, it is like a foreign language to them and always will be. 

But…they love you. 

Even with the constant posting and notifications, it is all done truly because they love you. Moms want to show off your face, even if it isn’t the most attractive pictures, and let the world know how proud they are of you.


But anytime it is hard to remember that it is all out of love, you can sing along to this song and know you are not alone.


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