Since the opening of the new Stonewall film, there’s been a lot of criticism and backlash. Many in the LGBT community feel that it does not accurately portray what really happened during the riots. Throughout the riots, people of many types of races, gender identities, and sexual orientations fought to end the discrimination that they were facing in their own space by police. Stonewall was led by trans women of color, while the movie portrayed a privileged cisgender male as the harbinger. This erases the diversity and history of trans and queer people of color coming together to fight for what they believed to be right.

The fact that Danny’s character is so privileged in this movie, it continues to depict the oppression of trans women of color. Even today, one in three trans women of color are murdered. This outrages the LGBT community because it’s a false portrayal of how the Stonewall Riots truly happened. People without knowledge of the LGBT community could see this, and think that it was historically accurate. This would upset certain parts of the LGBT community because they have been ignored for so long. This would just continue to idolize white, cisgender, gay men over trans women of color who were actually at the forefront of the movement.

" STONEWALL " Photo by Philippe Bosse

If the movie depicted Stonewall accurately, then trans women of color might be seen in a better light int he media. It would help them gain equally. Historical accuracy is a big problem in the media. What people don’t realize is they hurt certain parts of the LGBT community when they don’t accurately portray what happened in certain events or portray communities the wrong way. Hopefully, it would bring them less discrimination as well as proper representation in the media.