Drakes music video “Hotline Bling” currently has 61,203,380 views on youtube. This has been his most talked about music video so far. Why you ask? You’re about to see why just from watching the video itself..

Catchy song right? No surprise from Drake, who they say is a genius now for making this video.
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He wanted people to talk about him and make fun of it just so he could get more views and recognition. Some people at first just thought, “whats wrong with him?”, “he looks so stupid dancing like that.” But all of these negative connotations brought his fame even higher and higher than usual. The lyrics are good as he meant for them to be but he made the video ridiculous on purpose. There are countless instagram, tumblr, snapchat, pinterest, vine, and twitter posts about his video. Rants on youtube, reaction videos, spoofs, singing videos, and memes made about his bad dancing and the comedic aspect about this video. Some of the memes that are surfacing the internet:

Some celebrities reacting to the music video:
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In a Rolling Stone interview, “Director X” stated that: “he wants to make these music videos that stand out. It’s not enough to do something where you’re standing somewhere and singing a song. Especially in the age of the Internet, you really got to work harder to make something that makes people stop and take notice.”

If you really think about it, Drake was very clever for doing this. I’m not really a Drake fan but i give him a lot of props. He could of just done some cliche music video about seeing his girl having fun without him or whatever these popular music videos consist of. But instead of taking the expected route in music video making, he went outside of the box. It wasn’t even that much of creative concept, it’s just that he decided to make fun of himself by acting stupid. The video in itself is very simple, just him dancing alone and with girls somewhat with different colored lights changing as the scenery. The saying, “less is more” I think applies here. It’s what made it amusing and entertaining. I wouldn’t of expected that from him. Drake is known for making these emotional music videos but this is a different side of his work.

Even SNL took a spin of their own making a parody of the already ridiculous video.

Donald trump even starred in this video and danced to it!

The fact that not only SNL made fun of it but Donald Trump agreed to be a apart of it shows his mastermind plan unraveling here. Drake was probably taking a money bath when this aired on TV. Exactly what he wanted.