Besides all the cat videos, YouTube is good at one other genre of videos: Beauty tutorials.

For decades, young women learned how to apply makeup from their mothers, friend,s or from fashion magazines. Some women did buy tapes on beauty and had to rewind the whole VHS to find the specific clip they wanted to see in order to find the look they wanted. Now, thanks to YouTube and beauty blogs, finding a makeup look is easier than applying the actual cosmetic. For example, if you look up simple cat eyeliner, you will find thousands of videos ranging from amateurs to professionally trained makeup artists. These videos are descriptive, yet short enough to fit perfectly in our busy lives. YouTube is not the only source for beauty hacks and DIY’s as Pinterest and Buzzfeed, too, have jumped aboard the beauty train to show girls and boys (it’s the 21st century guys), how to use makeup to bring their inner beauty out.

YouTube is the epicenter for all things beauty. Whether it’s easy makeup hacks like making the perfect cat eye to really complicated looks like remaking yourself into a different celebrity or cartoon character. These looks can be achieved with practice, but some like Promise Phan, under the channel “dope2111”, makes it look so easy.  With over 3,000,000 subscribers, this young woman transforms herself into various characters like Iron Man and Princess Zelda and into celebrities like Beyoncé. It’s scary how accurate her looks are and they are extremely complicated to copy for a beginner viewer (me circa 2011).  Another artist has a very, nontraditional look on beauty. The channel Glam and Gore has, you guessed it, glam tutorials and gore makeup tutorials. She has influenced a newer genre of beauty and has said to make beauty more fun than intimidating. Her videos are easy to follow and hilarious; she doesn’t take herself so seriously and says everyone can be beautiful.

These women know how to take basic makeup to the next level and their work is almost flawless (FYI, all monster makeup tutorials have flaws; that’s what makes them better).  However, there are some looks that shouldn’t be recreated and people who shouldn’t be trusted with a makeup brush or a curling iron.  Pinterest is a beauty lover’s kryptonite; every style of makeup tutorial and product is listed.  However, some people’s finished looks to emulate the makeup tutorials are rather……painfully inaccurate?


Look at the left pictures and the eyes look perfect.  The right side looks like a five year old drew on her eye lids during craft time.  I get that it’s hard, but I can clearly see how she could have fixed this.  However, any tutorial from Pinterest is harder because they are based off pictures!  This woman on the left could have had makeup digitally put on her face for all we know.  Also, back in the early 2010’s, a young girl tried to curl her hair and epically failed. See, the tutorial started off well like this:

Then, somehow, she burnt her own hair off.


Her failure was so popular that she was featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  The failures in these videos make the rest of society laugh and they keep tuning in to that person’s videos.  There are some makeup looks that are influenced by modern technology like the snapchat filter where you vomit glitter or emoji’s like sunglasses guy or the laughing/ crying face.  These are meant for Halloween, but do you know how many tutorials on YouTube there were for this costume idea? A lot, way too many to count and an overabundance would be the correct answers.  These tutorials are so dumb and should have never been recreated.



In all respect to anyone who puts up makeup tutorials, I applaud you.  Not everyone can understand how makeup is beneficial for women and men to express themselves freely.  Makeup enhances our best features and while many say it takes away our natural beauty, it is there to let us love ourselves and show the beauty we feel within ourselves.  With recent times, men have grabbed a makeup brush and rather conceal their feelings, they concealed and contored their faces.  Drag Queens and male makeup artists are now more famous than ever due to makeup and they are less rare to find.  Makeup isn’t a womans secret anymore; it is open for everyone to use.

If any guy reading this would wear makeup, comment below

But seriously, don’t we all need a little glamour and sparkle in our lives?

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