“Aren’t you a little old to still be watching cartoons?” I can’t explain how many times I have been asked this question in the last 2 years of my life. It’s as if there’s an unspoken rule that once you hit 16, cartoons should no longer be a part of your life. But why not? What is it in society that states being a cartoon makes it for kids?

The problem is the word cartoon tends to be associated with shows made specifically for ages 12 and younger like Dora the Explorer, The Fairly OddParents, Little Einsteins, Wonder Petsetc. In reality, the definition of cartoon is a motion picture using animation techniques to photograph a sequence of drawings rather than real people or objects.  People are closed-minded to what a cartoon entails with its endless possibilities. It creates imaginary worlds and circumstances/feats impossible for the real-world. So how is it that such a broad definition has been assigned to a single age group?

What surprises me is that people tend to forget the large amount of popular adult cartoons. You could never imagine a kid watching shows like Family Guy, The Simpsons, or The Boondocks. Cartoon Network has even gone as far as to create Adult Swim, a channel centered around adult cartoons. They’ve created this channel to utilize the time when their younger audience is most likely asleep.These cartoons feature sexual themes, strong language, and violent content. All things considered too inappropriate for children, yet their animated quality still makes them cartoons.

There are even cartoons that I have re-watched as an adult.  When you’re a kid watching a show so many things can fly over your head. Ignorance is bliss, but in this case, children are missing out because of it. I’ve benefited more watching shows such as Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, and Avatar: The Last Airbender when I was older than I ever could had watching it as a kid. With the knowledge from being older, I can get more references, jokes, and plot events. Or maybe I want to re-watch shows so I can reminisce about the good ol’ days, when I was carefree, without a worry in the world. I remember waking up on Saturday mornings to see episodes of Winx Club, The Smurfsor RecessWhat’s wrong with re-watching old favorites and taking a trip down memory lane?

So if society says that cartoons are for kids why is there a mass amount made for adults? And what’s wrong with wanting to be a kid again, anyway? Adulthood is not all it’s cracked up to be. So what if I choose to escape the problems of life by jumping into a made-up world of animations and sound effects.  You have your hobbies and I have mine. I believe everyone should have the right to view what they wish, whether it be cartoons or not. One should not be judged by what they watch. In the wise words of Oprah, you get cartoons, you get cartoons, everybody gets cartoons!