Recently making national tabloid and celebrity news is something that has been causing a lot of sharing of opinions on the Internet. President Obama’s daughter Malia Obama was photographed at a college drinking party at Brown University. Malia, 17, a high school senior, was visiting Brown during her college visits like most high school seniors do this time of year. Although personally I never attended a college party during a visit, I don’t see this as such a shameful thing against Malia.

Snapchat of Malia Obama that has been circulating around the internet

Although it is unclear if she did indeed consume alcohol, just the fact that she was at this party around alcohol and being the President’s daughter caused a flurry of response across the Internet. While the general media and tabloids have scrutinized the whole situation, normal people across the Internet thought it was either the best thing ever or not a big deal at all and took to social media and news site comments to express their opinions.

In my opinion, the reason why college-aged students in particular thought positively about Malia attending a party is fairly simple: They can identify and connect with Malia, a national celebrity. Let’s be real, there are parties that go on with consumption of alcohol in college. Heck, even in high school it’s happening. It is a norm that also at the same time is very taboo due to the legal drinking age of 21 in the United States. To our society and the media, Malia just being at the party with no photographic proof of her consuming alcohol is strongly looked down upon. To college and even high school students however, it is a thing that happens all across the country. Maybe, just maybe, Malia Obama, while being the president’s daughter, is also a…

….Wait for it….


Shocker right? It’s hard with the status as the president’s daughter to grow up as a normal teenager. If you think about it, every little thing you do is under the paparazzi and tabloids’ microscope. But our media should not judge Malia for something that normal people around her age group do. In fact, in studies done on college students over the past decade, consumption of alcohol has been a normal thing.

Study at University of Michigan over the decade on alcohol consumption

Despite the public always having their eye on poor Malia, she still seems to strive to be a normal teenage girl doing teenage girl things. In 2014, Malia was spotted at a famous music festival for teenagers and young adults called Lollapalooza in Chicago, Illinois. In pictures of her at the concert that surfaced on the news, she seems to be just enjoying the concert and having a great time, like most teenagers would at an awesome music festival like Lollapalooza! In the article linked above she is even described as “doing her best to blend in with other young people at the all-day music event” and “appearing to be having a fun-packed summer”. I would hope that Malia had a fun packed summer and on her college visits because she deserves to have fun. She is human just like the rest of us. Luckily there are people that realize this as there is a “fan base” for Malia, sticking up for her and acknowledging that she is a normal girl too. People from various age groups and locations are even sticking up for her in news article comments!

Tweets of fans that are sticking up for Malia

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Comments from article on Malia Obama's college visit
Comments from news article linked above on Malia Obama’s college visit

This is just one instance of the tabloid media ganging up on celebrities that are just trying to live normal lives just to gain readers. The media of celebrity tabloids like TMZ, National Enquirer, and even celebrity news sections of normal news sources live for bringing shame to teenage celebrities’ lives in any little thing they do. The article from the Daily Mail that was linked above stated, “Brown University had no comment when asked about the incident while the White House has yet to respond to a request for comment.”. If any other person had gone to a college party, it would go almost unnoticed and no one would be hounding the university for comment like in Malia’s case. Also, what would the White House even have to say? Something like this?

“Yes, Malia Obama, the president’s daughter was acting like most teenagers her age in our country going to a party to meet other kids her age.”

It’s okay to report, but in my opinion, shitting on (pardon my french) and over analyzing on young kid’s lives just because they’re trying to be normal is not okay. Malia didn’t have any say in being the president’s daughter, so let her live! In conclusion, at the teenage and young adult years, humans naturally are finding out who they are as people and discovering likes and dislikes. It is just part of maturing into adults. So, if President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama can accept the fact that they’re kids are becoming young adults, and even be happy for them like good parents do, then the media should too and back off of them.