By definition, feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.  Lately, many issues of feminism have had more light shed on them.  This, I believe, is partly thanks to social media.  There are a lot of people on twitter who strive to educate others on what feminism is and the issues that are involved within it.

IMG_8103Feminist Culture is a twitter account (and later its own website) that began when a 16 year old girl wanted to share her knowledge of feminism with people all over the world.  Now, the website has several writers who write articles on various feminist issues including gender, race, sexuality, mental illness, etc.  With many authors from various backgrounds, the website has becoming a perfect place for readers to learn the importance intersectional feminism.

With the heightened amount of attention on feminist issues came the “Meninist” twitter account.  Although the account claims to be a parody, many people who follow it do not see it as such.  Feminist Culture wrote an article about this exact problem.  The MeninistTweets account promotes hyper-masculinity while also undermining the severity of many feminist issues.

This most recent ‘wave’ of feminism on social media has not only educated young people, but also empowered them.  The Body Positive (or #bodyposi) Movement is a way for people to feel confident with their bodies.  IMG_8099By posting selfies and other pictures of themselves, people are taking part in something that reaches people all across the globe.  Spreading ideas that encourage and empower young girls and boys is the most important thing. Here’s a Feminist Culture article if you’re interested in learning more. And here’s a cute example of (or check out the #bodyposi hashtag on twitter)!

Overall, things can only go up from here for the feminist movement.  With the work of accounts like Feminist Culture and their followers, more and more people are learning new things every day.  I know that people have varying opinions on the idea of “twitter activism,” but in this case, it has helped.  Making people aware of the true meaning of feminism lessens the many stigmas that are often given.  On top of correcting the way people view feminists, there are now more and more ways for young girls and guys to feel encouraged and empowered by who they are.

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