Most video games are bought because of all the advertising they get. Developers pay tons of cash just to get their game on websites, magazines, and even TV commercials. To the developers credit, these techniques tend to work without fail. For example, every time a new Call of Duty sequel comes out, there are incredibly long lines of people waiting to buy it. But sometimes, hit games come out, and are never given even one ad. My example: Undertale.piyrIn Undertale, you play as a young kid named Frisk who is lost in a place called “Underground”, a large region underneath Earth. Frisk’s goal is to navigate the land to get back home, but the citizens of Underground (monsters!) stand in your way. The game itself plays like a typical RPG (Role-Playing Game). You travel around killing monsters, you level up, and buy weapons and armor to fight even stronger monsters. But in Undertale, you have one more option besides fighting. In this game, you can Act.

When engaged in battles, instead of murdering your opponent, you can talk your way out of a fight. A concept such as this has not been tackled in many video games, and this is how Undertale stands out. Every fight presents you with a choice: Fight or Act. You could stab the monster in front of you, or you could make casual conversation about today’s weather. The choice is your to make, and on top of that, every choice you make will matter in the end


Another outgoing trait of Undertale is how interactive it is with the player. Each monster you kill, or become friends with, makes a drastic change in the story and tone of the game. This can lead to hilarious outcomes, or dreadful consequences. While playing Undertale , I found myself dealing with a myriad of emotions. While comedy is on the forefront of this game, beneath that is a very emotional story (that made me cry about 6 times).


I found out about Undertale through flocks of people telling me “This game is amazing!” but when I asked them what was so amazing about it, all they could say was “You just need to play it yourself.” This was the best advice I could have received. Undertale is a mix of charming art work, side-splitting comedy, engaging game play, and one insane soundtrack. Out of the many games that have already been released, Undertale is a clear underdog for one of the best of the year.