PictureWe all have contacts on social media who, when you scroll through their feed, make us think, “Wow, their life is perfect.” However, someone’s social media account isn’t always an accurate depiction of their everyday lives. I am an offender, myself, as I try to post the “perfect” instagram picture or associate my self-worth with how many likes I get (yikes!). It makes me think about the idealistic world we project via social media. People everywhere put the highlights of their lives on social media: a good hair day, a birthday, a graduation, a delicious meal. It is so easy to become envious of people’s social media identities. But we should realize that we only see what other people want to share about their lives and that there’s so much more to a person that their social media accounts!

My generation is social media obsessed, and I am no exception. I’ve had every social media account possible over the past few years and use them incessantly. Recently though I’ve been thinking about the facade that social media creates and how we’ve become so dependent on hiding our true selves behind it. I’m not saying a social media account is a lie, because it’s not! I mean the pictures and statuses we post are all true, but they are just snippets of our lives that we want people to see. How often do you see pictures of someone who just woke up? Or an honest post about a terrible day someone had? Social media adds so much pressure on people to be perfect, in a world where nobody ever seems to be “good enough”. I mean, don’t you feel a certain sense of accomplishment when your picture gets a lot of likes? Or when you get a certain number of retweets? But my question is when did we let our social media accounts take control of us? 

All of those people you admire via Facebook and Instagram, chances are they have bad days just like you! Instead of always trying to create this hyped up versions of ourselves online, why not try a dash of realism? Post it like it is, even if it tell-everyoneisn’t the most glorious picture, or the most positive tweet, but there is something genuine about expressing your true self. I can’t help but think that’s why we have all become so wrapped up in all of these internet sensations, because they let us show the world our perfect versions of ourselves. But this is 2015 people, nobody is perfect, and the world is becoming more and more accepting, I think it is time we break out of this perfect social masquerade! 

Again, I’m not saying don’t post the highlights of your life, but rather trying to recognize the fact that we all are guilty of enhancing our lives online. Why is it so appealing to look 061fefcd_giphy_2.xxxlargeperfect? No human being is perfect, and social media is trying to hard to fight that idea. I challenge you all to step out of your comfort zone and maybe show a different side of yourself on your social media! Perhaps post a funny/goofy picture, or maybe post a status about a difficult experience. Realness needs to be brought back into the world, and social media is where it needs to start. Take off the mask and crush social media etiquette.